Cycling Thread 2.0



Day 4. 57 miles Saint Omer to Saint Brevin. I missed out going through Nantes cos my b&b owner told me it was easy to get lost as some of the signage has been removed/turned round!!
Good day, I’m now right on the Atlantic coast! The hotel I’m staying in is a Vegas wannabe…but I won 135 Euro in the casino, so 1:0 casinobay!!


All kinds of post/username here.


More like casinoboiiiiii​:call_me_hand:t2::call_me_hand:t2:


Thanks emoji code. Twats.




One thing I think we can all agree on, @casinobay is a real call_me_hand black_joker t2


This was the screen as it counted up one of my bonus wins


appreciated. bd.

that’s more like it.

sounds about right.

in summary: :thinking:




should i buy a turbo trainer? anyone here use one?

what kind should i get etc


I want one too.

Something not very £££ which connects to Zwift.


ive got one for winter, it doesn’t connect to zwift or anything, just have music playing and use time/heart rate zones etc


Smart trainers: Tacx Vortex here. Mid-range, skewer style, does the job perfectly. Might need yaself an ANT+ USB dongle but they’re like a tenner anyway.


how loud is it? i’m in a second floor flat, will everyone want to kill me?


What’s the minimum you can spend on a decent one


if you want a smart one (can connect to Zwift / [other virtual training platforms are available], this guide seems to sum it up:

Cheapest Tacx one on there is £250.


Not massively loud, can hear a drone downstairs but if the telly’s on its barely noticeable. More the grunting and swearing tbh.


Anyone tell me why this is so cheap when it connects to Zwift etc?

(edit: @japes, all the reviews say this is super quiet)


don’t bother just get a thicker coat :+1:


afaik any trainer can connect to zwift as long as you’ve got speed / cadence on the bike

not all of them are smart trainers though. that one isn’t.