Cycling Thread 2.0



i’ve never been bothered about being out in shit weather, but the past couple of weeks (when the weather has actually been nice) i just can’t seem to find any enthusiasm for getting on the bike. dunno if this will be any better? figure i can do a few miles while watching telly or something


that’s the one ive got… but I don’t think its smart :confused:
or maybe im dumb


I was looking at this one


i’ve got a turbo, i don’t find it makes cycling fun, put it that way

some people love them though :woman_shrugging:


definitely this^
but good for when its dark/icy
im in a flat, my neighbours downstairs haven’t complained, I have it on a mat, only do it during sensible hours


Depends what you do with it? Zwift, bkool, trainer pro, rgt, all are pretty great for alleviating the boredom. If you’re following a training plan they’re great ways to crack out what you’re meant to do. Aimlessly just motoring round will end up super dull though unless you’ve got Netflix on or whatever.


I find turbos incredibly boring, but haven’t tried them on zwift era. Much prefer rollers for indoor training as its great for pedalling technique and core strength work, but there’s no resistance unless you whack it in the 11T


Day 5. 60 miles cycled in beautiful sunshine from Saint Brevin to Notre Dame de Monts! Strong wind but it was behind me for most of the day.
Crossed the 4km long Passage du Gois causeway which was pretty exciting.
Trail for the last 8 km was through forest tracks…it was amazing cycling.


Looking good. How are the tan lines?


Getting more impressive by the day!


Milburys circuit after a dodgy reheated prawn curry yesterday led to an amused brother watching me puke into a hedge then collapse on a verge. Lesson learned. Wasn’t very Penge :frowning: :face_vomiting:


you mean you were pushing the pace so hard that you made yourself puke :muscle:


Tough circuit that. Wasn’t it a bit busy with the Boomtown traffic?


Yeah we aborted at Morestead, didn’t even cross our minds until we ended up stuck in it. Then pukefest 2017 happened. Overwhelming stench of weed. Bleurgh.


Driving around Winchester yesterday was a nightmare


worn out my tyre! yay!

that means I get to buy more bike shit :blush:

think i’m gonna go tan wall oh yeah


Can you get tubs on your wheels?


don’t even


Vittoria tyres if you’re going tan wall then


looks like it might have to be, not loads of choice for 28s surprisingly