Cycling Thread 2.0



Love Vittoria tyres. Open pave if you can, but they are a tad expensive (the new ones are made with graphene


fucking hell taking bikes on trains on this country is so fucking confusing isn’t it jfc


Love that they basically require their own ticket. Twats


not looking forward to the 4 hour, 2 change sheffield to glasgow run, with luggage for 3 nights


really it is my own fault for not reading that you should really book for this particular service, but it also turns out that you can just turn up and chance it

there’s also supposedly a blanket ban at peak times according to the website but when i called up the people like it says on the website, they said actually it isn’t true



mate you wanna try going to the isle of wight with bikes for a week with luggage




yeah but


Luckily you have a lovely new to be driven to Glasgow in, and not have to worry about changing trains ect… (Sorry @marckee)


Why’s that dickhead cyclist ruining that photo??


Ours are all booked in, right?


yeah. Is the premier inn walking distance from the station @plasticniki or will we need to ride from the station?


it’s a 6 minute cycle


I’ll get an Uber then


oh are you not driving up? ignore my message in the chat then


No I am, was just having a (not very funny) joke


I’m quite looking forward to settling down and eating my dinner/reading a book for a few hours, tbh.

Fortunately the route involves no changes and no more than a 10 minute ride at either end, but yeah, arranging the bike slot at the same time as trying to book tickets is a faff, as is trying to find a member of staff on the day who will open up the guard’s van.


Spot anyone you know?


Question about buying a bike from decathlon…

Say I’m buying a bog standard bike but with an addition at the back for a basket - will I be able to turn up and take the bike away on the same day? I remember someone on here (@plasticniki ?) having to wait but maybe that was because they were getting a fancy one?


if they have your size and type in stock then yes (and they should fit the basket for you too)