Cycling Thread 2.0



Ok, next question - is a £120 bike too good to be true - bearing in mind I will only cycle 7-15 miles a day tops.


Have you phoned them in advance or ordered the stuff already?

If they’ve got everything in stock they’ll be able to do it there and then (or maybe you’ll have to wait a bit if it’s busy), but I’d recommend giving them a ring a day or two beforehand to ask them whether they’ve got it in and if they can put it aside for you.


your original question: yes, they’ll just install it for you. will take like 5 mins extra. you can check stock on decathlon’s website. i have found it to be p. accurate.

other question: which bike? what sort of riding are you doing?


no, should be perfectly reasonable.

Keep hold of your documentation because shops usually offer a free service/tune up after x many months or so many miles… but you should be fine.

have you thought about second hand? could get more bike for your money, or similar bike for less money… plus a slightly older looking bike is less likely to be pinched.


Anyone got any recommendations for bib shorts? Are the Rapha Classics on sale at £130 worth it in the long run? Or am I better just getting a ~£60 DHB/Decathlon set. I’ve trashed my spare pair when I crashed.

Also in the market for a reasonably priced not hideous short sleeve jersey, same reason, tore it up when I decked it. ~£50

Figures now’s a decent time to replace in end of summer sales.


this one?

should be fine for pootling about, btwin build quality should be decent enough I would imagine. (i.e. wheels won’t fall off when you go above 2mph)



I will not buy any other shorts.


Yes, this one. Only want it for commuting 4 miles to work and back plus to the shops/pub etc. Fed up with my current bike (bought second hand for the same price) developing problems and I’m moving / going travelling in six months so don’t want to invest in anything more.


got some BTWIN, Castelli, sportful, lusso, DHB… all good imo.


Really like those kuler blue bibs that they do. My decathers ones are falling apart so should pick up some decent ones.

@TontonZolaMoukoko if you go for Morvelo let me know, if you bosh in my irl name at the checkout I think you get 10% off (I’m not some kind of massive playa here, anybody can set this up).


I’ve said this before but Pearl Izumi bibs are perfect (for me)

from sportpursuit, they have the different levels (£30-60 i ithink), all in black. no need for anything else.

jerseys, have got a couple of isadore already really like them, these 2 are on my wishlist:


the B’Twins I’ve got are mint and the top of the range at about £60 are supposed to be brilliant


Of the ones I own, I really like my stolen goat jersey in terms of fit.


i’ve got some endura ones that i really like


+1 for stolen goat stuff.

think i’m going to pick up one of those orkaan jerseys next


after my Scotland adventure I was thinking I need to either go Gabba or something like this


Rapha is an investment. As I said yesterday I have a pair of shorts that are 5 years in and going strong. Also have a Spanish country jersey that’s 7 years in and still lovely. Most of my other kit is

Morvelo are great if you’re skinny, if not the pad rubs a bit in the sensitive area and the quality isn’t always there. Transfers peel off far too easily and stitches come away (I have 5 pairs of Morvelo’s bibs and 3 are in some way ruined)

Santini bibs are grand tbh, as are castelli and Sportful.


I’ve not had a problem with my Morvelo bibs. I have 4 pairs and they’re the best fitting for me. Helps that two of them were £15 in their sample sale I guess.

Mike can’t get on with them however and he’s a skinny mofo.


Was really hoping this cycle to Brighton would coincide with another sample sale but no joy so far :confused:


That isadore stuff always looks classy as hell :+1: