Cycling Thread 2.0



Thanks for the deluge of answers.

I had a look at the expensive B’Twin and would buy but Ideally want all black or black w/white detailing. The blue bit puts me off.

I’ll have a scan on my dinner and see what I can find. I also happen to be very skinny so no issues with anything that has a “pro” style fit. Appreciate that makes me sound like a full on bike wanker but I only way about 73kg.




It’s the Brighton big dog tomorrow

Come down and hang out if you can - great atmosphere even if you are not riding and you can sign up for the single lap thing on the day too


what’re those swedish jerseys you bought like- any good?


yep. more “race” fit and deffo for the summer (the lomme is the mens). they feel quality and the customer service has been excellent (don’t ask but i have ended up with two extra jerseys). the one i bought is now my go-to nice jersey if my penge one is in the wash. don’t think i’d have paid full whack for them though (but then again i very rarely pay full whack for anything anyway).


I like the look of the Lomme.

What are Merino Blends like for riding in the summer? The Rapha ones seem to be that sort of blend.

I have a Torm long-sleeved one but can’t imagine riding in that when it’s a bit warm.




I dunno I’ve worn them in 35 degrees plus this summer and been ok - i didn’t pass out anyway!

Probably hard to tell if anything else would’ve been cooler at those temps though tbf, though it is slightly thicker than your standard lycra or whatever they are.


Morvello always have a stall selling samples and stuff at big dog. And it’s tomorrow! Seriously Stanmer park is on your way into Brighton


Ooooh! Nice one man! I’ll see if the boys fancy a quick diversion :+1:


Day 6 - Notre Dame de Monts to St Vincent Sur Jard - 64 miles in the sunshine with another tailwind. It’s NOT going to be behind me tomorrow, if the forecast is correct!


I think we’re a similar height and weight? DHB classics in large fit really nice. I got the more expensive Aeron at the same time but returned them as there wasn’t much difference. Maybe they would’ve lasted longer.

Rapha and Morvelo (I think) offer crashed kit repairs to some extent but it’s not a guarantee.


Day 7 - St Vincent Sur Jard to La Rochelle - 60 miles. Staying in La Rochelle tomorrow night too, so NO CYCLING!! My ass has a day to recover.
La Rochelle is beautiful!! Here the view from my hotel room…


how you finding it so far cb?


Apart from the sore ass situation I’m feeling pretty strong. Legs are coping well and the bike I hired is perfect.
Plus most of the roads and tracks are in excellent condition. Plus, France!!

I’m not sure if your road bikers would like it, but its what I like doing. Best way to see a country.


Audax 4 life


Well fucking done!!
How are you feeling after that???


Starving. Absolutely starving. Pretty fine otherwise!


Nice Sunday ride today


see you’re well over 7,000km for the year now. absolutely smashing it.

kin hell, mike’s on 8,000km.