Cycling Thread 2.0



as we all know, photos don’t show climbs very well

(the photo is towards the top as it levels out a bit. a good 200m+ ramp of it hovering over 14%)


really want a crack at this before summer’s over


Great name!

Here’s the Rocacorba we’ll be doing next month:

better laid out here:




That looks like a p. amazing profile.

Anyone got any recommendations for some relatively cheap waterproof over trousers? My commute by bike is like 1.5miles so I just need em to throw over my work trousers.




should be okay, will be my longest ever climb and a bit more difficult than my previous, which is this:


Winnats Pass is the real bastard though.




mmm mmm mmmmmmmm


once there was this kid who
got into an accident and couldn’t come to school BUT





Strava people, how many KOMs/QOMs do you have and which one is the best one in your eyes?

I’ve got 7. This one for the most people…


This one for distance/speed combo…

Man I miss those days


Nine QOMs for me.

None are particularly impressive, just a load of residential roads in SE London.


About 30


Sounds plausible


apparently if you’re tied for the KOM it doesn’t show up in your profile bit

that’s quite annoying.


but still only 3


none, doubt I’ll ever get a (decently popular) one local to me because they’re mostly taken by pros or very good amateurs


Not with that attitude you won’t!

I didn’t set out to set any of mine, they just happened. I also prefer consistency over KOMs personally. I’d rather place in the top 10% (for instance) over the majority of my segments, rather than have erratic KOMs, and that’s when you know you’re getting good.