Cycling Thread 2.0



actually there are a couple of descents that if me and @TontonZolaMoukoko work together and have a tailwind we’ve come pretty close on (top 20 on a 2000 or so person one)


Don’t forget you’ve been riding for no time at all really. Consistency and then chase those KOMs (Christ, that sounds awful)


Nah it’s fair point tbh. I’m usually top 10-15% on climbs round here which I’m happy with considering this is really the first time I’ve cycled consistently on a weekly basis.

As for descending KOM’s… If things go well, you have favourable conditions and get a clear run and you post a good time, then great, but I’m not going after them.

I’d never really push myself on a descent. Too many variables that aren’t in your control and if it goes wrong the consequences can be terrible. Better holding back and being able to react than going over a wall or something.

There’s also not really any way to “work together” on them, not safely anyway. Not only do you have to be really confident in your own bike handling skills, but in the people you’re riding with as well… and you’d have to be a pretty serious cyclists for me to trust you enough to let you get close to me on a downhill section.

tl:dr I’m a big wuss who doesn’t like descending because it frightens the pants off me.


I use it as an example A LOT, but when I came down off the Tourmalet, I pushed it so fucking far, it was scary. 338/15174 on Strava, — Tourmalet Luz Descent ,but it came close to the side of hairpins far too often, overtaking cars and camper vans. Ive since vowed never to push it that hard on a descent ever again. I’m a very comfortable descender, but you’re right, there are too many variables/vastly reduced reaction times.

I’ll never be a climber, even when I was good, so I tended to concentrate on the flatter, power segments, and got good those. Now I’m fat, I can’t do anything.


I’ve been terrified of going downhill forever because a guy from Penge came off on a fast downhill we use a lot. Had to be airlifted to hospital. Was touch and go but he’s okay. Lost all his teeth. He was on a weekday unofficial club run and everyone was very distraught.

Just not worth it.


Without sounding crass or unsympathetic (that accident sounds bad and I’m glad he’s come through ok), accidents like that can happen anywhere on a ride, descending, when riding in a bunch, anywhere. You’re right to be cautious, but descending (and bike riding on general) is meant to be fun.


Fucking hell that’s very fast! I think I’d be drained of blood by the end of that descent!

Don’t get me wrong, descending is definitely fun.

The top section on that descent off the Crow Rd. climb was cracking. A few straight sections to hammer the power on, you could see 3/4 corners ahead of you and they were all wide open so you could hit the apex and really carry some speed through them. Lovely stuff. Latter half of that descent was all steep blind hairpins surrounded by sheep! Less lovely! Sat up, breaks engaged a lot!

Basically my ethos is if I’m out on my own I go at my own pace. If i’m with someone else or I come up on someone slower than me I’ll overtake them if it’s really safe, or just forget about it and keep a fair distance back. I absolutely hate when people get right up your arse on a descent, gets me really nervous.


I’ll remember this on the next DiS Bike Wanker ride. Right behind you!


I’ll have to be ready to set off on the descent just before you get to the top of the climb!


You calling me a slow climber?? :wink:


Not slow, just… slower than me


Of course! I meant going mental on descents. Not for me. Unless I know it like the back of my hand (Gangers, Titsey, I’m looking at you).


I like the choice of phrase ‘going mental on descents’. My mental is way different to your mental.


descending into madness


There’s an article on zwift here (not read it):


matt hayman won paris-roubaix after training on zwift after he broke his arm

(not read the article)


It’ll get you a fair way there with rigorous training plans and what have you (Rapha-Canyon-SRAM have a rider a contract based on their Zwift results). But it won’t give you the skills to ride in a bunch, what it’s like to attack on a climb, or to ride on the front for an hour ect…

(Not read it)


Going to the ToB tomorrow. It’s gonna be Penge. :oncoming_automobile:


Unofficial world TT champs. C’mon Küng!!


You misspelled Tanfield but I’ll let you off cos I like ya