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If I manage a Super Randonneur series next year, maybe this will be my treat?

So much choice though; really like Talbot and Harley near me.




That bike looks like the childcatcher


I’m gonna buy a new road frame next summer. Treat myself for my 30th. Really want a Canyon.


This is a sad post so I’ve blurred it in case you don’t wanna read:

Bloody hell, the guy from Penge CC who died is getting buried in his kit. Fucking hell.


:slightly_smiling_face: & :cry:


Is it autumn where you are? Season feels like it’s definitely changed here. Was 9 degrees ish this morning. Still went out in shorts and a lightweight wind jacket didn’t I? because I’m hard. (unprepared).


Yep pretty much


it’s not that cold, but it’s getting colder. arm warmers today, but that was mainly because of the :cloud_with_rain:

also, I’m pretty well prepared for winter riding so I’m weirdly looking forward to it. got two really lovely jackets that I’m looking forward to wearing and I’m planning on getting some Raceblades for the good bike


i should

  • buy a cheap bearing press
  • buy an expensive bearing press
  • pay a shop to do it

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What for?


bottom bracket, but thinking about getting one that does headsets too as i’ll probs need one eventually


I bought this when I built my Lynskey up

Absolutely fine, not too expensive and can do headsets too.


yeah was looking at that one. did you need to buy the adaptors separately?


No, just made sure that the BB is was buying/fitted the frame was one that the press could be used with


you didn’t use any bushings to centre the bearings on the tool axle?


Nope, not that I remember



Did that thing again where I didn’t really eat or drink anything while riding and now feel totally shit and have no appetite and can’t even eat the food I’ve bought. Fuck sake.

This was good tho


Probably ought to sort that out m87. Not good.


does that count as cheap or expensive? cos that’s the one i’d vote for (and am gonna buy).