Cycling Thread 2.0




if not proper food can you not get gels down? or even jelly babies, or suck on a sugar cube, or something, anything? - i went out for 2 hours yesterday and was running on empty towards the end, couldn’t work out why until i realised i forgot all me food.


Cheap I’d say. Pretty simple use too.


@twentynine is the you bossing cross?


Not sure what’s happened with me recently… Haven’t eaten enough on a couple of rides and then when I’ve stopped I start to get so hungry that I lose all appetite? Very weird. Managed it perfectly last week, ate little and often on a v long ride and then today on a much shorter one I totally fucked it. Weird.

It’s okay though I’ve now eaten loads of snacks :ok_hand:


Is there a way to set an alarm on your phone to remind you to eat something?


As with all endurance exercise, after a certain point while doing an activity, your body prioritises your cardiovascular system at the expense of your digestive one. It’s why your stomach feels cold to the touch after a prolonged exercise session without eating.

This can suppress your appetite during an event and make it feel difficult to take in food even though you really should.

There is something to be said for running/cycling and eating on feel, but I find that now that I’ve run enough to know at what kind of intervals I should be eating and drinking, I feel a lot better if I then make sure that I set reminders on my gps watch or race band etc.


Interesting, cheers!


Flapjacks are brilliant, SLING THEM IN YO FACE!


I think the best approach on long rides is to start eating after the first hour, and keep eating every hour or so

If you leave it until you start feeling hungry it’s often already too late


Cycled to work for the first today! Thoughts:

  • Shoes are a pain in the backside and my saddlebag isn’t big enough to hold them
  • I was one of the few wearing shorts and a t-shirt, everyone was in a jacket already ffs
  • I should’ve checked the weather forecast
  • Turning from a minor road to a clogged-up main road are the least enjoyable parts
  • Really enjoy it when you form an informal group


shoes: can’t you leave some at work (my locker is full of shoes!)

I wore long sleeves today for the first time in ages and I was glad, but I did get fucking soaked.


I, errr, either left my saddle bag on the train last night or it fell off (??) on the ride home. So, I need a new multi tool. fuck sake. Do I really bloody need one with a chain tool? I want it to be tiny.


No you don’t.


yes you do


here we go


I’ve snapped a chain a few times while miles away and would have been up shit creek if i didn’t have a chain tool. so I’d always carry one. I’m a Big Beast™ though, mere mortals might not be able to put out the same chain destroying power.

alternatively just make sure @plasticmike is carrying one


Funnily, I’ve never had any problems with snapped chains (I’m a big beast too). Or ever needed anything other than a hex tool.

But yeah @plasticniki, just make sure @plasticmike has one.


I leave my shoes under my desk every night, and change when I get into work - much easier than carting them around all the time.


that was the other thing i was going to say, out of all the folk i’ve ever ridden with, I think only one other person has ever snapped a chain. so idk probably not very likely to need one?

what’s the difference though? just take one


Steph snapped her chain whilst out on with the CTC. She didn’t have a chain tool, but luckily one of the old guys did. Probably something in that, bit not to worry.