Cycling Thread 2.0



of course they did


Probably had everything with them.


i have this, it’s small, about the size of half a credit card and 1cm tall.

never used it for anything.


Classic everything about cycling. I’ll need this expensive piece of equipment (I’ll never need this expensive piece of equipment)


urgh I’m so annoyed I’ve lost it because I just cba getting a new one


Had a lovely couple of days cycling to the middle of fucking nowhere (Moira??) and back. Decided I need some cycling gloves though (not winter gloves). Any recommendations?


Mitts? Or just like thin gloves?

I just use Decathlon mitts (or whatever’s like a fiver because anything will do).

Defeet’s Duraglove for when I need something warmer. I did have these but both pairs I had developed holes:


Gloves. As thin as possible without falling apart quickly I guess.


i’ve got some lightweight dhb gloves which are quite good (although i hardly ever wear them as i mostly don’t like wearing gloves) but they seem virtually impossible to get hold of now, unless you have tiny, tiny child’s hands :confused:


think i’m gonna take up mountain biking just so i can smash up a bike and get to fix it occasionally


hmmmm, there are. Might need to buy a pair of Vans specifically for the office!


:frowning: :disappointed_relieved:


Best season



feeling smug
cold and bright mornings
bringing out the winter clothes
hot beverage in a warm cafe mid or post-ride
that one commute a year when it snows and you decide, stupidly, to cycle to work

don’t enjoy:
cleaning yr bike after every ride
getting filthy


In autumn (winter I)???


i just see cycling as having two seasons really:




Fantasy League!

La Vuelta

  1. @aggpass
  2. Michael Smith
  3. Alan Parsons
  4. @rich-t
  5. @japes

Tour of Britain

  1. @twentynine
  2. @japes
  3. @rich-t
  4. @plasticmike
  5. @howtobealone


Winter I, ii, iii and summer




how many people entered the tob one in the end? was it 5, by any chance?