Cycling Thread 2.0





No4 in the TOB game was @svenrokk fyi



Oops, sorry @svenrokk! Dunno what happened there :sweat_smile: Total brainfart moment. Matt, Mike. Same thing. (They all look the same, fucking cyclists)


hmm. looks like i’d need to buy the removal tool which is £35 as well as a press, which is looking like about £40 at the cheapest. bike shop has quoted me £15 to do it so looks like it’s going there!

wish I still had access to my old work’s shop. I could make up a custom set of drifts and build my own press for basically free.


just need to change a bottom bracket and had almost convinced myself to buy a mini-lathe ffs


I probably mentioned this upthread but any London-based bike nerds should do this (or anyone who wants to visit, probably have a spare bed):


Which distance are you thinking of doing? Would I struggle?


Got my league number for the cross season…

8… 8…7

:weary: So close


Just searched the thread, and you’re doing the long ride.

Hm. Maybe.


My mates son became the national TT champ for his age group (u14) on Saturday and is the 4th quickest youth in the country. His time was 21.40, riding limited gears. He’s gonna be a beast. (Number 140)


clearly doping


The long one.

There are three main hills; Woldingham (fine really just a bit long IIRC), Toys and Sundridge. The last two are steep in parts:


Hullo. Quick question to those who have been to Belgium - Where’s a nicer place to stay? Geraardsbergen or Oudenaarde? Or is there somewhere nice slap bang in the middle of them? I obviously want to cycle the hills near Oudenaarde, but I especially want to climb the Muur.


Cat 3 and Cat 4 are no worse than the Arran stretch of the scottish ride, right?

I think it’ll be a case of me deciding on the Saturday, as I have a half marathon the week before, and we’re going away to CentreParcs the day after.


^I stayed here, was fucking lovely.


That’s good enough for me! Both look pretty nice, so just needed a tiebreaker.


Obvs it’s a bit of a way away from the Muur, but closer (like very very close) to all the other silly bastard cobbles.



Dunno, there’s really steep bits (20%+) on both Toys and Sundridge. Nothing that steep on the Five Ferries really. Just long.


According to Strava, there were a few Cat 4 and one Cat 3 segment on the Five Ferries route we did.