Cycling Thread 2.0



Ignore those. They’re based on the length and vertical climb iirc. Don’t necessarily take into account steep bastard bits. Climbs on the 5 Ferries were pretty steady iirc.



There were no steep bits really on the Five Ferries, and Strava categories are mostly bullshit(ish)

TBH though, I have just looked at some of the segments on Strava that we did, and there were some which were 8% for a couple of km? I didn’t really realise. But you’ll probably be fine, I wouldn’t worry.


Obviously, but I know him, so that’s fine.


oh, jens :heart_eyes:


To decide the category of a climb we multiply the length of the climb (in meters) with the grade of the climb in percent. If that number is greater than 8000 then it is a categorized climb. The minimum percent grade must be 3% or higher. So, for a 4% avg grade climb, it has to be 2km at least to be categorized.

Cat 4 > 8000
Cat 3 > 16000
Cat 2 > 32000
Cat 1 > 64000
HC > 80000


so for a 200m ramp to be categorized it would have to be 40%


Low-high is categorised and under 700m iirc :muscle:


@plastix I might be down in London on the weekend of the 30th are there any shit rides kicking off (not sure if I’ll be able to bring my bike or not yet anyway)


that Ride of the Falling Leaves is on the 1st if you’re around

if not we can ride on Saturday?


When does the falling leaves finish (roughly)? Saturday seems more likely


yep, 700m @ 12%, cat 4


starts ~8.30am, it’s about 115km, so finish at 2ish?

saturday could show you the SIGHTS OF KENT


Sweet, shall bear it in mind while planning the weekend and let you know


heh, just looking through all the steepest ones i’ve ridden

got this cat4 which is only 300m


Why did we not go up it?


it’s kinda miles away. also think that must be a strava fuck up, remember it being a bugger but don’t think it’s an average of 30%


but if yous come up again we’ll need to head down there


Might pop along to this for a laugh


Dunno if any of yous have watched Icarus on Netflix (eye-opening documentary about the effects of doping on amateur performance which turns into a geopolitical global doping scandal). But here’s an interview with Brian Fogel which is pretty interesting.


Pretty racist.