Cycling Thread 2.0



made it about 3/4 of the way through this

found it a bit dull tbh


The documentary? It was pretty sensationalist imo, but doping in sport is a bit of a fascination of mine, so I found it alright.


yeah. wasn’t into it.


idk might try and watch the rest of it. i thought the initial premise was more interesting before it detoured into all the russian stuff.


Fair, it was pretty dry


good article though.


That’s what you get with cyclingtips. Great website


I know these are pretty casual but also a bargain:

In my size as well; half tempted, but I really don’t need them.


i’ve got a pair of those


any good? might just get them and keep them for when my commuting shoes die


yeah, fine. i bought them for commuting / town rides. they look like normal shoes.

quite light fabric that lets air through so probably not ideal for winter / rain.


Finally going to have a go at rowsley bar this weekend I reckon eek


Had a look at the weather for training tonight. Holy moly.

Bit of luck really, I managed to forget to bring any bibshorts to work :joy:


I have a crapload of errands to run on my bike. Please can the rain stay away until at least 8pm? Thanks.


I have until 8 o’clock to run home tonight, otherwise I’m going to get caught in a huge downpour. I’m meant to be spinning it out into an 18k run as well…

(this is now the running thread)


Yes but you’ll get ALL THE RAIN at 8:01 pm


ban request




Any of your guys recommend some mudguards? Looking at raceblade pros but other recommendations would be appreciated.


Apparently they’re the best aren’t they if you don’t have eyelets (think I’m going to get some for my bicycle).

The new Crud Roadracers which attach with velcro are meant to be okay.


Do you have eyelets?