Cycling Thread 2.0



i’ve used the raceblades and they’re fine. make sure to get the longer ones though.

there’s also the crud roadracers but the new ones you have to glue a velcro patch onto your frame, which i wouldn’t be crazy about.


Of course not. that’d be too easy


I’d be all about these if I did @marckee

In fact, a lot of their stuff is lovely

Thanks @japes and @plasticniki. I’ll go with the old raceblade pros


Oh. No idea then. I have a set of SKS Bluemels and I’ve had no problems with them at all.


Yep, love PDW’s stuff.

I bought some Radial ones for my commuter but I’ve not had time to fit them yet (the ones for bikes with eyelets are meant to be great).

Can’t wait to fit audax stickers to both sets :smiley:


looks decent. £800 though.


japes I had a dream last night that you built a bike using a shit old B’Twin frame and found some 650b wheels for it. I asked you what’s the deal with 650b and you shrugged.

Thursday thread

sounds like it would be an accurate response


I would like to know the answer to this question though.


Thread hits peak terrible.


wee wheels and massive tyres are the same size as big wheels with wee tyres. basically.

so you can put big tyres on a road bike and it will feel the same.



I’ve got one that I have used many many times
they’re only small & far better to have it & not need it than need it and not have it



Incredibly well written as per from the man.


I too am interested in this. These types of bikes look amazing:



what bike you riding to work @nebbie?


My smart (and only) one. It has full mudguards, yet is lightweight. I can store it in the office basement away from the thieves.

I don’t mind to ride it through the winter. But it does mean I won’t go anywhere with it after work before going home. There’s no way I’m leaving it outside unsupervised.

Ideally, I would like something else, something like that Ikea bike (I :heart: Ikea). Otherwise maybe something cheap and second hand?


Ohh, nice :slight_smile:


The Ikea bike is really expensive though, no, for what it is?