Cycling Thread 2.0



At the £400 Family price I don’t think it’s too bad. It’s got a belt drive!!!

Would love one as a little run around but at 15kg, fuck doing my normal commute on it tbqh.


Few sources I read said it was good value for disc brakes and belt driven.

The biggest drawback for me is the two speed hub, even though it’s automatic(!). Two gears, looooooooooooool as if that’s enough


i’d probably get one if it was single speed :sunglasses:


I have a set of those for my Stooshie

They are ace, but a fair bit of faff (drilling etc) was required


Aye, if he’s under 14 it’s probably custard and gummy bears tho.


He’s insane, and has a very expensive bike and basically Rapha everything. Privileged kiddie.


He looks a beast mate, Chapeau to him on the TT title!

To be fair, if you can ride like that then you can have all the top kit you want as far as I’m concerned.


fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu that “lightweight” on the wheel, jfc


it’s the brand name isn’t it


it’s still really bad


nice one, he’s 13??? ln my head when you say u14 champ i see something like a little boy radging around on a raleigh burner :smiley:


£4k for a wheelset!


Yeah 13. 4th quickest youth in the country. The closest person in his age bracket was 2 mins down on him. The closest U15 was a minute down.


Pffffft, only 4 grand!?



oh i am irked


it’s quite a shit logo for such an expensive product


Pretty certain you can put what you want in a £4k wheelset.


don’t you come in here with your sensible bullshit


You’ve met me before right…


Looks a poor imitation of this: