Cycling Thread 2.0





They your next pair of Chinese knock offs?


urgh, i just had to adjust my front mech in the dark and so i’m about ready to lob my bike in a canal now…


Unlucky. Horrible things, front mechs.


^so much this. absolutely the work of the devil.


don’t really give a toss about weight or shifting efficiency or whatever, and i know it’s impossible to say this without sounding like a fully paid up BW, but upgrading to di2 is really really good when you realise you’ve pretty much binned off indexing and cables and front derailleur issues forever.


He means etap, dw guys, I’ve got this.


argh, this came up on my instagram recommendations and i’m slightly wishing i hadn’t seen it, terrifying :scream::scream::scream:


Japes posted upthread


bollocks, missed that.

sorry everyone, sorry @japes


No need to say sorry. It’s bloody funny/wince inducing


Sliding into the DMs like…


one for the scottish bw crew:

of course the wooden bike company is based in portland…


hopefully I am going to smash this target:


might have to up it?


whats your average KM per week so far? cant you just multiply that by 50 (or 52)? does that come out much more than 10,000km?



x 52 = 12948





I thought x 50… as you’ve had a few cycling holidays, anymore planned this year? as theyd bump up your average…

Good work though :+1:


that’s still over 12000 if I change to 50 weeks

and yep, girona next month! though only 5 days, but should get a good 300+km out of it (plus three other 200km rides to keep RRtY going, and commuting, and club rides…)

I’ll up it!


Not gonna happen is it :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved: