Cycling Thread 2.0



This lil video sums um pretty well how fucking batshit crazy cycling to work can be in London. The dude who filmed it goes along loads of the same roads I do:


Yeah, that all looks just about standard…


payday treat (for the fao of: @plasticniki)


surrounded by hot puss


Winter is truly here then.

Absolutely gross but lovely ride yesterday. Saddle bag was totally caked in mud and my jacket which was inside it was soaked through too. Was like riding through a bog at some points. Took me a good hour and a half to clean off everything :confused:


Get some booties you melt


fuck you I won’t do what you tell me

(bike was waaaay worse than my legs / shoes)


might be time for me to look out the knee warmers again :blush:

not been riding outside very much tbh. the turbo is a lot more appealing than spending hours in misery. dunno what’s happened to me.


urgh… having to deep clean the bike after every. single. ride. fucking winter maaaaan.


How loud is the turbo? Sort of thing that’s acceptable in a 1st floor flat?




Yep loud or yep acceptable




spare a thought for those of us with white bikes!


Serves you right




Won’t be able hear over a TV really


i use mine in a second floor flat

it is kinda loud tbh. consensus on the turbo i bought seemed to be that it was on the quieter end of the spectrum too. not had any complaints or anything from neighbours, but i’m careful about when i use it. wouldn’t go on after about 8pm say, and not first thing in the morning either.

maybe it’s fine though and they can’t hear it at all? thought about chapping their door and asking if they could hear it but then i don’t know that i want to start pulling at that thread…

(by kinda loud I mean you couldn’t have a conversation in the room and if i’m listening to the tv i’ll have to bump the volume up a bit more than usual. it’s not LOUD though tbh)


“get off that fucking bike”
“sorry can’t hear you”


I’m gonna get a proper smart trainer I reckon. Think they’re a solid investment and will keep me fit and let me simulate some decent climbs ready for Mallorca.

*By proper I mean one where Zwift can change the resistance.