Cycling Thread 2.0



can you and mike not just take the winter off ffs

give us a chance


I might try and float this. He’ll hit his 2017 10000th km this week so what’s even the point really.


Nevaaaaaaar. Been looking at ones in the £500 range. Apparently the problem with the cheaper end is the flywheel isn’t big enough and you end up just being in the big ring all the time even on “climbs”, which I’m very much not about.


i’m in the big ring all the time anyways

also yeah, have noticed i never use the smaller gears on my turbo. it’s fine though


Plotting some silly rides for the weekend


guys I quite want a mini velo



it looks like an unfoldable folding bike :laughing:

is it one of those little clown bikes?

Whats its purpose?
Does it cost more than £150?


pretty much

idk but they look really cute and look at that basket! WANT


I’ve noticed some woman that has a folding bike and she parks it in the racks at the station. But, she folds it up when locking it in and it looks a real faff. Is that necessary? Couldn’t she just keep built up and lock it up like a normal bike?

Should I say something to her?


If it’s a folder why on earth isn’t she just taking it with her?


Exactly! The first time I saw her I just stood watching her fold this bike up then struggle for a good no I minute to find a way to fit it into the stand so that it didn’t fall over. Instead of, just, wheeling it in.

I must be missing something. She can’t be that daft, surely?


maybe she can’t / doesn’t know how to fold it? :disappointed_relieved:


No she could fold it. Definitely. I’m just going to ask her next time.

“Excuse me, but what the fuck are you doing?”


yeah someone does this in my work bike sheds - odd behaviour


and the flip side - people who take folding bikes on the train in rush hour times (as the rules on southern and other operators is only folding bikes allowed at busy times) but don’t actually fold them up


Got my deferred entry for ride London 2018 through… need to register and pay in the next 2 weeks if I wanna do it…

(want to wait and see what the Etape route is first but might try and do both)

@twentynine what time did you do last year?? they want predicted time so they can allocate you a start time for whatever difference that actually makes…

actually tempted to say like 4 hours or something silly cos i have a feeling the general standard is pretty…shite, not that i’m EPOd up or anything but y’know… MAMIL’s are sllllllloooooowwwwwww.


Etape is supposedly including the colombiere but I’ve only read vague routes atm. Wish I’d screenshot the tweet and link I read about etape next year


It’s a bit… Prrrrrrrrp. Massive ballache to get the start pack the few days before at the fucking Excel. Urgh. I’d put down 4 hours but then you’d probably have a 5am start time meaning you’d have to get there at 3.30am or something silly. Fuck that.


Don’t think it’s something I’d ever bother with. Chatting to Gray last week, he said the whole thing was a faff, but worth doing once.


I’m audax 4 life now (apart from ROTFL which is a local sportive I feel I should do)