Cycling Thread 2.0



I’m totally over bike riding. Was ahead of the curve on here as a bike wanker, so need to find a new niche

not really


yeah i’d do it as a london long weekend because I’m lucky enough to never usually have to go the giant shithole, so not bothered about hotel costs or picking up pack etc :slight_smile:

@rich-t etape in annecy would be mixed blessing - logistically would be a dream for me due to staying at mates etc but i’d rather somewhere more exotic (ventoux or pyrenees) for the novelty


Those rumours of Annecy are pretty strong, so I’d expect that. They’ve not done a Pyrenean etape since 2014 maybe so they’re due one. Ventoux I doubt they’d do as the riding around there is ‘flat’. Not the most iconic stage of the tour for a very iconic climb.

One across the chartreuse would be amazing.


think this might be my next one

another 200km. can’t find the route anywhere though.


next year?


When I saw that in the calendar I was like WHERE IS IT I WANNA RIDE but obv it’s too far away.

Need to do a 200km this month, but I’m away this weekend, next weekend I’m leading a memorial for the dude who died, then I’m on the IoW doing Penge rides. So we either have to do a 200km on holiday, or leave it to the last weekend in October which would have to be a DIY. God what am I doing?


Double randonnee, obviously


Hard work doing RRTY


Can’t, think there’s a whole group of us booked on a specific ferry as we’re staying in the New Forest.

@rich-t there was a vaguely local one this Sunday just gone but we opted to do the fucking Paragon sportive, what are we like???



don’t even joke about it or @plasticmike will try and talk us into it


starts and ends at hop hideout too, I can drive the team car


Can’t believe you two are supporting the Paragon twats.

@Aggpass, I’m officially the BW support car driver. Gonna have to fight you for it.

@japes know somebody who did this. Looks incredible


EDIT linked to the guy rather than the ride, 1 sec




We’ll do a Penge sportive eventually so need to represent for when that happens (but yeah probably won’t do it again)

200kms in the SE over winter are so few and far between


Surely you can DIY though


Yeah but the temptation to not do it is greater.

Got a 200km mapped out for while we’re in Girona but :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:


Need to be disciplined. I’ll coach you via internet forums and WhatsApps, otherwise you’ll end up like me.


kin hell.


Looks good don’t it