Cycling Thread 2.0



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y’all are lovely, thank you :slightly_smiling_face:


Sounds amazing tbh. Those longer climbs in Scotland (Crow Rd for example), were right up my street.

I’m proper torn on my quest to buy a turbo. I’m leaning on the Kickr Snap atm. But there’s one by BKool that advertises up to 20% gradients but the power estimation is less accurate.

I want to try and simulate some longer climbs to prep for Mallorca… but I like to try and maintain a pretty high cadence (100rpm) on longer climbs. I don’t think I’m going to be able to replicate that with a ~£500 trainer am I :confused:


It’s tough. Cycling has always been my main stress reliever/mental health relief. I’ve not ridden since Glasgow (almost 6 weeks ago) and it has had an impact on me in various ways. In all fairness, this year has been a car crash for me and that could be traced back to the fact I’m not riding my bike. I’m sure these things are cyclical and you’ll be back in the swing of it soon.


you’ll be absolutely fine up sa calobra without any winter turbo training fwiw


doesn’t want to be “fine” though does he? he’s gunning for mike


Nope. And I don’t think that a turbo is generally the answer for many things tbh, but each to their own. You’ll never get fully prepared for the onslaught of a long, long climb (crow road wasn’t that long tbh and @harru is taking about 20km+ climbs), and a turbo won’t help in that aspect. I’d say you’d be better off working at climbing hills in different gearing and doing some over winter hill specific training. But I’d say that because I hate the idea of indoor training when you can go outside.


Yeah I know but I kind of want to try and get as good as I can at cycling. I want it to be my thing. I’ve never had a thing before.


Join a club, that’ll make you so much better than a turbo ever will


Yeah I get that it’s not as long as the alps, but it was longer than most of the stuff you see here. I like getting to the edge and keeping myself there for as long as I can.

I’ll go outside when the weather permits. But the hills round here will be grim when it’s wet and horrible.

Was thinking I might be able to at least simulate those long grinds on a turbo better than I can here.

I intend on joining a club when this run is out of the way.


yeah, i’m trying to remind myself of that. i think i have a bit of a tendency to pile too much pressure on myself (feeling like i’m not riding enough/doing enough kms/doing hard enough rides etc etc), which can often have the opposite effect long-term because i end up feeling despondent and then finding it harder to motivate myself to get out. but you’re right, things will improve, i think i mainly need to chill out and not beat myself up so much…

i hope you have a better year next year :slight_smile:


would second that. fastest way to get better is to join a club and go out with folk stronger than you. probably most fun too.

saying that, i’ve been enjoying my turbo. would recommend.



guys, you all keep forgetting to tag @plasticmike


you should also remember that no ride is a bad ride - just the fact you’re out on the bike is really fucking good. don’t compare yourself you anyone either. it’s really easy to scroll through Strava and think “oh so-and-so did a fucking big ride today, I only did a little one”, well fuck that :slight_smile:


I used to be very good (not blowing my own trumpet here, oi oi), but I feel I missed an opportunity by not joining a club. Likes @japes says, going out with stronger folk is the best improver. They’ll hit the climbs harder and quicker and you’ll surprise yourself when you keep pace with them. It hurts, but you’ll do it. Then you’ll do it the following weeks and it’ll be easier. Then you’ll meet more like minded people who aren’t weridos off the internet.

If you have the motivation to sit on a turbo for and hour every other day, that’s cool and turbo helps, but you’ll never replicate the outside roads with Zwift or whatever.


You’ll get through it and then have a little chuckle as to what the problem was. Plus all the sweet casquettes you have to wear. I’ve got grand plans for the winter, but they probably won’t happen as I’m fat and lazy, knackered from a shit commute and generally quite apathetic to things atm.


Really want to get on the bike now. It’s been a whole month! Stupid Marathon. Never again.


when is yr marathon?


Sunday! Thank fuck.


I really wanna go for a ride with @allnerve :heart: