Cycling Thread 2.0




how come?


You seem lovely :heart:


who wouldn’t tbqh


@twentynine @plasticniki

aww, man :heart: (i’m genuinely really touched by this. this is such a lovely place to come and chat bike nonsense)

anybody who fancies a jaunt round the badlands of south-east kent (most likely including an obligatory trip to dungeness) is very welcome to hit me up any time :+1:

otherwise, i’m really hoping/looking forward to getting to ride with as many of you as possible next year, if not sooner!


Got a bike rack now so I can drive to rides ooh. Might drive and ride up the moors on Saturday hmmm



I like a nice rack


North Yorkshire


(yeah, i assumed really. just can’t help a good peep show reference when the opportunity arises)


Can you delay it to the week after?


Or maybe the dales. Or maybe just go for a ride round sheffield. Or maybe do the parkrun. Need a longer weekend


Yeah go on then bbz


I mean, by all means go out this weekend too!

Gonna grab my winter gear from home/work out what I need to buy.


was gilet weather for me this morning :open_mouth:




Which rack man?


No idea. My dad’s old one


Has your dad had a go with many racks?


He bought a new car and his rack didn’t fit. He had prematurely splashed out on a rack


Ah I was using my dad’s old Hollywood rack from the late 80s. Got bought one of these at Xmas and it’s bloody great (as the plastics can attest to). #rackchat