Cycling Thread 2.0



It’s very difficult to find one that can take bikes AND attach a trailer for when you head to the lake at the same time. Do you have any stories about racks and motorboating?


i want one of these saris ones



Ours is like that but a less jazzy colour. Takes 3 bikes, fastens to the rear


I used to have one of those - and gave it to my next door neighbour as it was taking up space

I have a towbar mounted rack now - its awesome - you can slide it out of the way to open the boot, load up time is greatly reduced, and it has the number plate and lights built in to avoid getting pulled over by the fuzz



yeah but £££


My dad has a Thule towbar rack. It’s bloody great. Also has a lovely one that fits on the back of his vw campervan. #rackchat


yeah - but it’s one of those things I don’t regret spending £££ on. I’ve more or less forgotten what it all cost now anyway (had to fit a towbar to the car too) - but I still reap the sweet benefits every time I use it


Mine is an Atera one. #rackchat


we have one of those
well, a 2 bike one
works great


I use sea suckers, HTH.



fixed yr haiku


nice one thanks for that
I never knew I was
so poetic ta


I use to work out routes. You can click on cycle and walk as well as car. And it gives you two or three different route choices. And, having been using it for years, more often to cycle to areas I don’t know so well time has shown it to be very accurate.


long shot but did any of you wankers get a 30% off rapha code i could nab?


Not yet, but will whack across if I do get one


:man_facepalming: (the comments)


This the one that’s been on CW?


yeah and twitter.


oh my god. great lunchtime reading after i go and get my burrito.


Fucking hell, I don’t really know where to begin.

Thanks for completely running my Strava experience…facepalm