Cycling Thread 2.0



“This is not a game”

terrific stuff


I’m not big on strava but the KOM and stuff is all about friendly competition isn’t it?

I wasn’t really aware of it but are there people who will set their own goalposts just to get loads of badges or whatever… but then to cry about it in such a spectacular fashion :laughing:


The previous owner is having a right fucking tantrum over somebody being a bit quicker than him over a specific piece of road on a 60km route. What a plank.


Absolute top drawer toys-out-the-pram stuff. Would only inspire me to chase the whiner’s segments if he was local.

Worth a follow:

(Couldn’t give a fuck about KoMs)


this has absolutely done me:

I’ve taken your beating. There’s been close to 40 of them. There is something seriously wrong with you if you can’t recognise that your actions are causing me pain, and I don’t know how to get through to you to stop.

can we get this guy on dis? i bet he’s got some great #hottakes


It me


makes sense!



All you wankers with bike computers taking my KoMs whilst I sit here on my arse not riding. You’re all ruining my Strava experience!!! Sad.


:bike: ‘trek’


it’s the equivalent of people who beg for followers on twitter isn’t it? just a really weird mindset that i can’t empathise with at all



might try and hunt down robert gesink at the weekend, seems to be out and about a lot recently


That’s sent me down a hole of looking up who also rides round there. Seems pretty likely you might see Jetse Bol considering the miles he puts in.


Has Strava done an Instagram (messing with the chronological timeline)?


Think it might have. Fuck sake.


Yeah, noticed it a few days ago, but really noticed it today when the first 10 rides were from yesterday


It’s been doing that on my account for about six months. It’s a load of bollocks:


Why Strava, why???


they said they were going to do this ages ago, but mine still hasn’t changed


Yeah I remember reading. But why? The feedback on Instagram and Facebook doing this was universally poor and there’s no external marketing on Strava (yet). Doesn’t make any sense.