Cycling Thread 2.0



fuck knows.

i just want a way of filtering out rides marked as ‘commute’. how is that so hard to do?


You’ll only ever see 2 of the Plastics’ rides a week then


i follow a bunch of folk that cycle into work, i see the exact same 10 commutes twice a day, mon-fri. who cares? (no offence plastics). let me hide that shite so i can see the interesting rides folk are doing.

you can set a ride to ‘private’ but that’s bullshit too, because you won’t get any of your segments or weekly totals or whatever. just let me hide different tags.


A bit more adaptability in the app, over messing the timeline up would be great


People have been asking for that for over 5 years. I don’t understand how they can introduce tags like ‘commute’ and not allow you to filter your feed by them. Getting rid of zwift rides would be great, too.


yep, anything tagged ‘workout’ or whatever.

aaarghhh. why do people make things shit?


My timeline is becoming half-full of suggested friends and challenges and challenges my friends have signed up for.

It’s increasingly like twitter’s official app/site. I can only assume that they’ll start to introduce promoted activities and tell me when friends give kudos to others.


Agree with this. Surely that’s why you label it.

Tbh the Strava app is bollocks and I never check it apart from weekends. Just rename my commute and that’s it.


Total shit innit. Hate it when they do this to something that was working absolutely fine .


that’s fucking annoying too. the start of the month all you can see is 10,000 folk that have joined a challenge

at least work out how to make that fucking announcement smaller ffs


fairly sure you used to be able to do this (or at least seperate commutes for your own personal stats) but they removed this for no reason whatsoever


Can’t believe that none of you bastards have given me any Girona tips.


On an old Orica-Greenedge youtube video they showed a bar where you get a card that you load with cash then the tables have taps on them and the beer is self service.

That’s everything I know about Girona.



Some cyclists stop off for coffee and a cake. Not me. :grin::grin::grin:


i finally got out on the bike again today. it was great and i was fine and i can still do it :smiley:

here is a nice view:


Of course you can :watermelon::hugs:


boring strava Q #3482038

it gave me a load of PRs when i did a route for the first time, did it always do that? because it’s rubbish


Yes. Why wouldn’t it?


no it didn’t