Cycling Thread 2.0



usually it doesn’t. i mean, it will be your PR because it’s the only time you’ve ridden it, but it doesn’t usually pop up saying “300 new PRs!!” at the end of a route you’ve never done


It’s always done that for me.


nope - check your scottish ride - no PRs (loser! :wink: )


That’s weird - it shows them when I look at my profile when I’m logged in.



so when you’re looking at an activity it will have a golden PR next to every single segment?




millhouse road :smiley:


“Where are you?”
“Coming up Millhouse”


weird. mine don’t. but i think it did it for the first time yesterday, so dunno if they’ve changed something


to clarify: mine didn’t used to

but does now, apparently



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I think I’m one of those with an early roll-out account (see the conversation about the non-chronological timeline, up above), so it may be that it was introduced to my account before I started logging cycle rides (since July ish).

It’s always done it for running, in the four/five years I’ve been on Strava.


ah good. was getting slightly mandela effect there.


Must be a new feature cos it’s done it for both my Girona rides


There’s a knack to it


Girona was good then; lovely city (really great places to refuel after a ride / get breakfast before) and pro spotting is unreal. I did enjoy the rides we did but really nowhere near as good as Mallorca. It got me thinking about good climbs; I did Rocacorba ( which is like the main “training” climb in the area. The view at the top was really fucking good:

but the actual climb itself was unremarkable. You don’t get any views on the way up or down (it’s all covered with trees mainly and the small glimpses of below you do get aren’t worth noting, and you can’t see the coming hairpins like other climbs), and the road surface ain’t great, it’s pretty cracked in places. It’s also not particularly steady, it begins petty shallow and then ramps to 10-11% for a few kms then backs off, then gets steeper again meaning any rhythm I got into was quickly ruined. Comparing it to Sa Calobra (the only other major climb I’ve done), there’s no comparison.

I’m not good at climbing at all but now I’ve done a couple of hour efforts I can probably do better ones – what should be on my list for having great views on the way up / down, or what roads are amazing feats of engineering with a steady gradient?


Alpe d’Huez is the steadiest climb around really, purpose built for ski tourism so incredibly steady gradients. But it’s generally considered a very boring climb so…


Any climb in the Pyrenees, but specifically the part in between the Col du Solour and Col d’Aubisque (cirque du litor) is stunning. Literally on a cliff edge for 5km.

Stelvio (obviously)
Lacets de Montvernier
@harru’s favourite Cormet de Roselend
Tourmalet is stunning, but the road is basically dead straight for 11km


i’ve been getting a bit obsessed with wooden bikes recently


ooh! who did you see?