Cycling Thread 2.0



Between the two of us:

Robert Gesink
Simon Gerrans
Lawson Craddock
Brent Bookwalter
Sam Dobbs
So many others we couldn’t get an ID on



Cirque du Litor in all its glory.



Straight is fine! I want views and something which isn’t really fucking difficult, like an average of below 10% please. That article you posted is forming a list :slight_smile:


Well the Tourmalet is the Tourmalet so definitely put it on the list.

The views in the French Basque region were amazing, but there are no well known climbs there, at least compared with the Spanish side of the Basque area.

Actually the final climb of the Klasikoa, the Jaizkibel looks lovely on TV


Don’t take @plasticmike


Fuck, reminds me of this story about Wim van Est on that road

Mike might have died


warm weather this weekend. last chance of the year for a bike ride in decent/warm weather


Memorial rides for the Penge guy who died this weekend. I’m leading one of them. There’s going to be bloody loads of us and we’re ending at Herne Hill Velodrome. Should be nice I hope.

(Anyone in the London area please come, they’re not regular club rides and we’re trying to get as many folk as possible involved to celebrate the dude’s life).


Have you got a page or link for these?

I was looking for a longish ride to do over the weekend.


Me and @Aggpass will be heading out Saturday morning.

Nothing mental though, still a hit knackered from my Marathon. (i.e. No Bradfield Beast plz Angus!)


Yep, all the info is here:

(You’d be fine for the one Mike and I are leading)


Sounds perfect!

I should be able to make it down in time (we’re getting back from Kent pretty late the night before), but there’s always the option of the 10.00 and 10.15 rides instead.


The guys leading those two rides are all-time GBOLs, James and Andy in particular (tbh I wish I could go with them and not lead one myself), if you don’t come with us just tell them you know me and they’ll look after you well :slight_smile:


What happens to those that don’t know you :open_mouth:




They would regardless but it’s always worth mentioning that you know Penge CC’s most improved lady rider 2016!


I might wear my new swish Ashmei bib shorts, just for this…


Carbon shorts?


that galibier pic :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Don’t laugh, but Ashmei stuff is often a merino/carbon blend.

(I got them in a sale, for about 60% off)