Cycling Thread 2.0



I won’t say no, how could I?


Be cheaper to get rid of the panniers if you’re looking to save weight.


I bought some Rapha ones which I will be debuting for this!


I’m not looking to save weight.


though I’ve just realised they’re meant to be for HOT WEATHER



That’s why I asked!

… You didn’t answer :wink:


everyone’s saying it’s gonna be really warm* this weekend. i reckon you could style it out.

EDIT: (* = 20-ish)


It’s going to be pretty nice on Sunday


Gonna give it a bash on Saturday I think :blush:

Dont think I fancy doubling it up with the madeleine though so will have to work out a good route, if not its Roselend again because why not


They’re still pretty thick tbh. You’ll be alright with 17°c or more.


oh guys I got some Raceblades for my birthday, might try and put them on tonight. Are they a total faff?


Took about 15 minutes to fit the back one to Steph’s bike, then 5 mins to do the front one.

You’ll want to attach it to the seat stay/fork first then adjust them, not adjust them without attaching them first. Pretty straightforward though.


In terms of scenery there’s definitely a sweet spot for alpine climbs.

Below 1500 metres altitude youre going to be climbing through mostly forested bits.

1500-2000 ish is proper lush green scenery , views of valleys below and all that

Above about 2200 you end up above the point where most stuff will grow so it’s all rocky and grey and desolated, but not in the good Sa calobra or Mont ventoux way.

There’s literally dozens of 10km ish long climbs with a view, some unknown ones are amazing but because they don’t end up on race routes for whatever reason, even the locals don’t know them. Always a good surprise when you find one.


Can’t believe how easy they were to put on! Feel silly for not getting some last year. They look pretty nice too. Spent ages last night trying to find an audax sticker to complete the look but failed (where the bloody hell have I put them?)

Also got a new tool roll to replace to lost saddle bag. Bike looks Penge as fuck at the moment :ok_hand:


They do look pretty slick tbh. Imma sorting some out for my Cannondale CAADX to turn it to a winter bike.


pictures? :smiley:


I’ll get some this weekend, hopefully once I’ve found a sticker for the mudflap.


GT85 need to hurry up and release an eau de toilette


Dunno, always wanted to give the Izoard a go for Casse Deserte


Yeah was going to add that there’s a big difference i in landscapes even between the northern and southern French alps (Izoard is Southern).

It was properly lush round the valleys there, didnt get to appreciate the Izoard too much though as by that point I was doing a lot of Froomey stem-staring :sweat_smile: