Cycling Thread 2.0



yeah, it’s fine. just wants access to yr strava no?

also you can rescind permissions from strava after if you want


26 miles though, it’ll be higher in km


Ah. 33 in km


ha, just looked up my 2016 score. 50! so i’ve beaten it by one! i’ll take it…


mine was 53! all those 200km rides for bloody nothing!!!


A poor effort:


Nice one!!
I’d probably be taking 11 or 12 days to cycle that route. So, roughly 47 miles per day average.


“It will take 2 hours to climb the Col du Tourmalet”…I’ll double that then add on a bit more!


I think you’re underestimating your climbing ability. It’ll be pretty heavy going fully laden but you were Quite Good At Hills when we did the Five Ferries iirc…


Took me more than 2hrs actual time when I climbed it, but that included about 45 mins of stoppages


Aye, but the five ferries were like bumps in the road compared to these monsters.
Plus, I had a 860 mile warm up the week before the 5 ferries! :wink:

Thanks for your confidence though!


What the heck is an Eddington Ride?


X rides of X km or longer


I dunno. Like Rich said, just find your rhythm and go for it. Weren’t you stuck in the big ring the whole time too? Honestly, it’ll be tough, but well within your capabilities.


it’s a metric that shows the number of rides you have done of that length. so for 33 you have done at least 33 rides of 33km or more.

it gets exponentially harder to increase it.


don’t think I wanna go to Chad tbh racist


Ok it’s gonna be at least 6 weeks before i can afford my winter bike by which time proper winter will be nearly over. Running is balls.

so… what mudguards can I get for my current bike that will fit and do a job?


sks raceblade pro XL


got some for my birthday in october and have been on since. do a good job keeping the worst off yourself and others behind you. no more wet bum! also quite light and easy to fit, i’ve not had problems with mine at all (apart from a very slight toe overlap) and don’t notice them while they’re on, though i’ve had a slight problem fitting mike’s over his rear wheel.

oh i also got a nice RAW mudflap for christmas which should extend their coverage even more!


Mr bean.jpg


you’re a raw mudflap pal