Cycling Thread 2.0





last call for “how to store 4+ bikes in a spare room probably mounted on the wall vertically by the front wheel but open to other suggestions”

probably going to get 4 of these and space them so that one bike is slightly above the other:

we will probably just deal with the marks on the wall by ignoring them


Will they hold the weight of the bike?

We have something similar at work and they are unsuitable if you have mudguards that extend to the point where the back wheel touches the floor


think this is as good as anything else tbh

haven’t seen anything I’ve thought was an amazing way of dealing with it


for marks on the wall couldn’t you fit some u-shaped half piping to guide the wheel into


think so… we were looking at a clug which needs the back wheel to be on the floor. these don’t. they’re good for 15kg so should be fine!


OH GUYS look what my dad painted us for Christmas




Who’d like a print and play East German (!) cycling (!) board game (!)?


i found some nice hooks with accompanying things for the rear wheel but they’re like £40 which is INSANIA


was thinking more of cutting up some metal guttering or something.


We did this in our spare room when it was the bike room. Drilled a sleeper onto the wall into the studs(?) of the wall then just bought some elephant hooks (approx contents 2)

If I was doing it again I’d had the rear wheels resting on the floor to reduce the stress on the hooks, but like nebbie says you might have an issue with rear mudguards




oh fuck, this is exactly what I want

the hooks or whatever would be on what is an external wall… wonder if that means we need to find studs (? god i have no idea what i’m talking about)


Read your building survey, but I suspect that the inner leaf of your external wall is blockwork, not stud.


That should be much easier then - I said studs(?) as the wall we attached ours to was a stud wall, so the sleepers were drilled into the vertical pieces of wood that the wall is made of (idk what they are called). If it’s an external wall then long hooks with rawl plugs should be fine.


that looks like it could be the one, nice one
doesn’t hurt* that it’s named after a new order comp

(*bonus song too)


The vertical bits of wood in a stud wall are called the studs.


proper love this.
may listen to the album on the way home today


I think I’m gonna get some modern looking bottle holders. the old skool ones I have on my frame look stupid.

that is all.