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brilliant. so am i right in thinking that would mean it would be okay to take that sort of weight?


Should do, with the appropriate rawlplug.

For safety’s sake you may want to secure a batten to the wall to spread the load (similar to what DOTS has done), or you may want to resin anchor your hook into the wall.






Yep, that looks like a good idea. Will read the survey tonight to double check. Thanks!


that looks pretty good actually, might do this myself


I’ve got some cheap matte black carbon ones from Ali Express. They look cool. They are light. They are cheap.



just says “the internal walls are of solid construction”

and also

"The main walls are of cavity construction, which are approximately 285mm thick.

The walls are fair faced brickwork."

I guess this is okay?


Yup, that’s fine. Brick outer leaf, block inner.


Would Mike not prefer an indoor hedge to throw his bike into?


Good news!

new office has a private car park out the back so i don’t have to lock my bike up on the street :sunglasses:

Bad news!
cycling provision in Dublin is pretty horrendous - really not helped by official police accounts tweeting stuff like this:

however, :grin:


classic anti-cyclist bullshit :unamused:

good news about the car park though! i discovered at the tail-end of last year that there’s an underground car park about 5 minute walk from work which has cctv and lots of free bike spaces as well as an actual security guard there. apparently it’s where people from work leave their nice bikes, so the good news is if i ever need to take my good bike to work again, i have somewhere to leave it. can’t be arsed to leave shit bike there. my work place doesn’t seem arsed about providing proper facilities for cyclists :confused:


B TWIN bikes from Decathlon??

  • Good, worth the money
  • Nah, no thanks

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Absolutely worth the money. Barring very good sales they are much higher spec than almost anything else at the same price point


Fantastic VFM. My current bike is a B’twin Ultra AF (“As Fuck”) 700, £550, nearly full 105 (though now mine is, as I managed to bend the chainset!), amazing. Previous bike was the excellent Triban 3, which was just the best thing I have ever ever bought. For it for something like £120 in a sale, amazing introduction to a road bike. Lovely. As @Aggpass says as well as being high spec for their price, they get universally amazing reviews from the bike press and the public. Which one are you looking at?

B’Twin 4 life. If one of their carbon bikes ever goes into a sale with a ridic saving, I’d buy one in a flash.



so close, but alas your crank arms are in the wrong position

valve stems also showing


also my bottles are on, blah blah BLAH


think you need the bidons in this instance, otherwise the bar tape would be unbalanced


I have a Triban 520, which I got for £375 in the sale last year. Top value for money, imho.

It was this one, but they don’t stock it now.

This is the current version:


& @plasticniki

Thanks for this! By the sounds of things you don’t need to pay mega-bucks for a solid, reliable, relatively high spec one.
During my lunch hour I’ll link the one I was looking at. It cost more (even with the sale price reduction) than the ones that have been mentioned, so maybe I don’t need to go that high.