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It’s worth bearing in mind that the higher spec ones won’t have eyelets for pannier racks, if that makes any difference to you. You would still be able to fit panniers with p-clips or get an alternative luggage system though. I used a large saddle bag on my 12 days away in Europe.


Oh yeah, the 520 has eyelets for pannier racks and mudguards.

I use both on my bike and they’re fine.


This is the one I was thinking of, but I don’t think I need to pay this much now…

Oh, and carbon sale…


Personally I think that’s about the price point where they stop being better value for money than other brands.

Edit: also not a huge fan of the rear brakes mounted like that.


should be a white background as well


small chain ring at back also


the 900 looks like it uses the regular rear brake mounting


yeah, it depends on what kind of riding you want to be doing. like @TontonZolaMoukoko says, you may find better value elsewhere at that price point. it’s also worth bearing in mind that the 900 CF uses a standard chainset, so gearing might be slightly higher than what you’re used to…

is it for general road riding or is this the one you’d want to take to the Pyrenees?

also i’ve not really had any problems with the funny position of the rear brake. it is a pain in the arse to change the pads tho


But then it’s only 105 for £1,200. I’ve seen full Ultegra at that price point on a Carbon frame from Ribble or Planet X.


I think the top end decathers are still good value for their specs, it’s just the cheaper ones pack in ridiculous amounts compared to the competitors.


some reviews suggest the quality of the carbon on cheap ribble and palent x bikes is shite… but yeah, worth bearing in mind


Yeah it’s not that the higher end are bad value for money. But they’re not an obvious choice like the lower end ones are.

They were even better value for money 3-4 years ago which is crazy to believe when you look at some of the specs you can get on a £600 bike from them now.


Can’t imagine them being any worse than the Decathlon frames, though. Probably a similar quality considering they’re all at a similar price point. Imagine due to volumes Ribble and Planet X are able to discount the groupsets more heavily which is why they can stick them on their bikes at £1200.


I’ll be hiring in France a bike for the Pyrenees. This will just be for some general UK road riding.

Thanks for all your advice everyone!! I’m gonna go cheap, to begin with!


ah, okay!


they seem like great bikes and great value - but if I had more than a grand to spend I would look elsewhere, pure bike snobbery but there you go (see also Boardman bikes)


also, @casinobay, worth keeping an eye out on this page for bargains:


If I had 1200 to buy a bike , barring any great sale options, it’d be an endurace


Full Ultegra on a carbon frame from Ribble at £1200, really? That sounds too good to be true.

I was looking at their Sportive Racing bike at the weekend, so nice.


Sorry, I don’t mean ‘I don’t believe you’ - that just sounds like a really good deal.