Cycling Thread 2.0



was looking back at my photos from when i hired an ultimate cf sl.

still really really want one.

that said, the orbea i rode in girona was bloody lovely. if i love it as much in mallorca i might have to buy one. so comfy.


If you catch them at the right time, yeah. May be a bit of a struggle now that R8000 is “new” and they’ll have got rid of most of their 6800. But worth keeping an eye out for.

I’ve got a Sportive Racing with full 105. That was £950 in 2014. Good bike tbh. Haven’t had any issues with it at all.

Looking to upgrade this year to something a bit racier though. It’s a little tall up front for me.


ffs guys, I really want a new bike now


I’ve been looking at them for ages. Gonna wait till I’ve had a bash on the SuperSix Evo in Mallorca then start looking.

Think I’m going to just upgrade the frameset and finishing kit though. See no real reason to upgrade my 6800 and Kysrium wheels after only a year.

I wish there was a way to try out Canyon bikes in the UK, would love a go on the Ultimate or Aeroad :frowning:


Chain Reaction Cycles have got some decent deals on their disc-brakes Verentis - nice looking bikes.


There must be a canyon rental place somewhere in the lakes surely


Don’t Rapha use them as their hire bikes (or for something else)?


How exciting!

Just arrange a trip to Berlin and rent from Aspire. Or as @deadonthestairs, hire one from Rapha, though you need to be a club member :confused:

See, I’m not sure what I’m looking for (if anything). I can’t see what I’d really “gain” by upgrading to a carbon bike. Sure, it’d be a bit comfier and lighter, but it’s not going to make me go any faster. Going faster isn’t really my aim tbh. I will get one at some stage when I see a decent deal probably.

I’m more interested in getting either something custom made (££££££££££), or a 1 x CX or gravel / adventure road bike. I really would like to do more tours, bikepacking and silly long audaxes. Problem is the clearances for bikepacking baggage on tiny bikes with normal wheels is shit, so I can’t carry that much with my current set up. LEJOG is going to be a challenge.


I could definitely disguise a trip to Berlin to test a bike as some sort of “city break” as well, interesting idea…

As for your LEJOG problem. I read an article a while ago about some guys who did a multi-day trip where they shipped their next days clothes to the hotels they were staying at in advance so they didn’t have to carry anything. May be able to do that at some point on the trip so you don’t have to carry as much?


tbh, what the hell do we need? spare cycling clothes, something to wash ourselves / clothes, toothbrush… one set of evening clothes… i’ll probably be fine. the bag i used for europe tour started touching my back wheel so i am very mindful i can’t take a lot. but it is slightly restricting when i think about doing something more leisurely or longer than just over a week.


How are you planning on getting home? Train?

I think I could get away with all I needed for a week of cycling within 1 pannier bag per person. I’ve suggested to my girlfriend that we could go away and I’ll carry everything while my girlfriend just rides an unladen bike.

Maybe @plasticmike will do the same.


yeah, train home. we want to do it in 9 days, and i took everything i needed for 12 days in a large saddle bag last time we toured. the new saddle bad i have is ~4 litres smaller so i am going to have to think about additional luggage maybe. i got an alpkit handbar bag (airlock dual) for christmas and it’s possible that even that is too large for my headtube - when i tried very hastily to fit it i couldn’t get it to not touch the wheel :confused:

oh, and he doesn’t have eyelets for panniers either


despite previously being unconvinced by the 1x drivetrain, i’ve been seriously lusting after the 3t strada recently. can’t be good.


I don’t think I’d have one as my only bike, but imagine not having to faff around with a front derailleur ever again! Amazing. Bet they’re quite fun and also MASSIVE CASSETTE AT THE BACK FOR ME YES


Don’t see the point of 1x for road bikes really. I’d much rather have 22 gears with closer spacing so changing gear doesn’t mess with your cadence. Would be a bit better with a 12x system but we’re not there yet.

Think it’s all a big load of marketing bollocks though and can’t see it being anything but a disadvantage for the riders in the peloton.

Makes sense for CX or Gravel/Adventure bikes or whatever you want to call it though.


think i’d be happy with an internal hub gear that had 3 speeds

uphill / downhill / flat. done.

gears are overrated.

i seem to be happy anywhere between 65-95 rpm so it never really bothers me


Do they have gearing that’s much easier than a 34-32?


It’s more that the bigger jumps will knock your rhythm when you’re changing through gears.

There’s a 3 tooth jump from 22-25 that does my head in sometimes on the 11-32 cassette. Cause I’m usually in that 21-23-25 range on most steady climbs so that little extra jump just does enough to throw me. Once it’s worn out I’m going back to 11-28.


I really doubt the BTwins are much better


Just FYI, if you’re training and have no support, your choices of places to stay are either Wick, Thurso or JoG. I seem to remember JoG being expensive as you are a captive market there. And both Thurso and Wick are a good 10 mile ride away (the ride to Wick looked grim after a 105 mile day, luckily we had a support van). And train will take donkeys. Could you fly from Inverness?