Cycling Thread 2.0



remember that time you burned me on instagram for doing this.


The ones I’m eyeing up have 40-42 as the lowest gear which is about the same, I think…


Tbh I’ve not looked into anything yet. Plane seems loads of effort given we’d need to pack our bikes up. Don’t really mind a slow train.


Over 13hrs on a train m9. That’s loooooooooooong


Get the sleeper isn’t it. Probably also break the journey up somehow?


Good point. But these will all be things to think about.


If you were planning it, what month would you pick to do it?


June, preferably the final two weeks, that way you can see the Giro and Le Tour without interruption




Is this official then?


nah, just looking at options. probably though.


Ah thought you’d booked. As I said shout if you need any ideas.


it’s only just dawning on me how much organisation this needs… found a train HOME with availability and bike spaces but now getting to penzance looks a bit urgh


I got driven to Plymouth and the train from there to Penzance still cost a bomb/took forever. Then you need to get to LE, so do you stay the night there and leave LE early the next day, or do something like 60 miles to st austell after arriving in Penzance?

fwiw I rode from Penzance to LE after staying the night in Penzance


probably get to penzance, cycle to hotel near land’s end and then begin the next day…

think i’ve found a vague route…

le - okehampton
okehampton - bristol
bristol - ludlow
ludlow - (somewhere in between liverpool and manc…)
(wherever) - penrith
penrith - glasgow
glasgow - fort william
fort william - bonar bridge (/kyle of sutherland)
bonar bridge - jog

9 days, ~160km a day. lots of climbing. possible death.


mr bean


is it even a real place, mr scotland?


almost definitely not


you gonna ride the glasgow - fort william leg with us?


aye, why not