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Single speed?


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Bonar bridge is a tiny little place. Depending on your route, the climb the descent from the A9 are great though. And the road from BB to altnaharra then forking right to syre is one on the most isolated roads I’ve ever ridden. Loved that.

You’ll have a choice of ways if you’re hitting Glasgow, but we did the coast through Largs, across to Dunoon, then loch hopped. That’s the best day I’ve ever had on a bike, twice. Through inveraray then across to Oban then up to FW.

I’m very envious of this if you do end up doing it. A least if done it in the past I suppose.


I have the route from Wigan to Glasgow and one on to FW from Glasgow if you’d like it. I’d try and avoid riding alongside Loch Lomond of possible. Very, very busy single carriageway. But the road to the Bridge of Orchy and on to Glencoe is quiet and beautiful.

Riding on the southern uplands was horrible for me. I know hitting it at 130 miles into a 200 mile day wouldn’t have helped, but my experience of it was similar to your Ardennes experience. Long, long climbs, bleak if not beautiful countryside, heavy heavy roads (the type the hurt wrists and hands through vibrations).


Cheers Rich. That vague route plan is based on the Deloitte Ride Across Britain route which is apparently decent, will cross ref it with yours and anyone else who’s given me tips. Starting to get excited now. I think we can do it in nine days but it will be a challenge, probably more mentally than physically…? Need to make sure we prepare with a few long back to back things beforehand. I guess LWL will help with that. Wonder if I can fit a 600 in beforehand? :thinking:


Don’t forget, the Deloitte ride will have a lot of participants, so it can get away with using roads you might otherwise not want to use. When we did the 5 peaks, the worst section was the 30 miles through Glasgow from NW to SE, would totally choose a different route if we did that again.

You’ll be fine with no back to back rides for prep imo. 160km a day is not the hardest thing to do. You just have to ensure that your bike fits properly. All challenges are mental rather than physical. That’s where the tough part of the ride comes in.

Can do you a slight version of what we did 8yrs ago if required. I’d give a suggestion of avoiding Glasgow totally and skirting from Gretna to Dumfries Kilmarnock and Irvine, then up the coast from Irvine to Gourock


fom, that’s loads!


Yes it is, but after 2 days, you’re used to it and it doesn’t seem mad


@plasticniki Rather than stop in Wigan or some god forsaken peehole your welcome to have my spare bedroom and garage space in Manchester.


I’m using the route as a guide, really (mainly cos they do it in 9 days and it doesn’t go through massive cities) but yeah will take that on board.

Think my bike fits? I mean I’ve done two 200s on the new set up. Unless I get any pains between now and then I’ll assume it’s good.


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Just make sure it does. You can do all the training you can, but the body doesn’t know the stress until you start the challenge. 2 guys on the 5 peaks ride had to drop out after 3 days, and they’d done upward of 6000kms training in 6 months


Get a bike fit. For the amount of cycling you do it’ll definitely be worth it.


Same here…if you don’t have to go to Glasgow then you are more than welcome to stay at my house…problem is that it’s over near Livingston which is a bit out the way for you


Yes mates


Pretty pleased with this. They’ve not fallen down yet and we can remove any bike without the others getting in the way.

AOB: signed up for a 200km in a couple of weeks. Really hope it’s not freezing :cry:


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