Cycling Thread 2.0







Willy Warmer?




Room for loads more bikes as well…


Flights booked!
Pyrenees here I come (in June/July).


Where are you flying to?


Bordeaux from Glasgow.
Get my hire bike in Bordeaux then take train to Biarritz. Then get on that saddle!
Ending near Perpignan.


What are you hiring?


Argeles sur mer is a good place to end where most route tend to finish.

And used these guys for a few rides (Paris-London, 5 peaks ride and a couple of 24hr rides). Their routes are very well researched and generally quiet


Not 100% sure yet.
Probably one of these cos I’ll need to carry my gear. They have just bought brand new bikes that are lighter than the one in the pic.

Other option is this, but it can’t carry as much gear.


That’s nice looking


Get one of them massive saddle bags, and there’s the ones that go under the top tube as well. If you’re sticking to the road I imagine they’d be much better than a hybrid/mountain bike.

Then again I remember your effort on that Five Ferries ride and I don’t think you’ll have trouble on any bike!


Yep - there’s load of options if you don’t want to fit or can’t fit panniers.

I used one of these when we went to Luxembourg, fit enough for 12 days in the large one. Didn’t use half the stuff I took like tights n that:

(Just check you’ll have enough space between top of rear wheel and saddle for it. You normally would unless riding a small bike).

There’s also Carradice bags and things like this:


Hello cyclists.

I can’t read 8k posts so apologies if this has been asked before - I need some shorts with a padded arse so I don’t get a dead arse when cycling. This is for indoor use only so weather-proofing is not an important factor.

Can anyone suggest something adequate please?


do you live anywhere near a decathlon?

they do loads of cheap cycling gear


Yes, very near. Will have a look. Thanks.


as japes says, Decathlon or something like Wiggle’s own brand dhb will be fine


you might think you’ll look a pure dick wearing the shorts that have shoulder straps (and tbf you do) but they’re good for stopping your arse hanging out your shorts. so get those kind.


They won’t really stop you from getting a numb arse, though.

Make sure your saddle is in the right position and that you’re regularly moving around on the saddle to prevent hot spots. I try to get up and out of the saddle for a minute or so every 5-10 minutes as well when I’m indoors to relieve some pressure.