Cycling Thread 2.0




Hmm. Numb was probably a poor choice of words. It’s more muscle pain that I get.


speak 4 yrself


Would still suggest doing that to prevent soreness. Are you riding an actual bike or is it a more upright exercise bike?


It’s a fairly ‘modest’ exercise bike.


I’d definitely make sure you’re standing up every once in a while, then. Works different muscle groups as well.


Aye. I reckon bib-shorts only is probably my strongest look.


Thanks for the advice. I’d generally only be doing 25 minute HIIT sessions but when I’ve done it a few days in a row then the pain is enough that it makes the exercise pretty unpleasant.


i pretend i’m going wrestling


I wore bibs out on a wrestling themed fancy dress night. Perfect.


Always thought it would be handy to have them for an emergency fancy dress outfit.

I thought I was the only person in the house the other week and was wandering about post ride with just my bibs on. Flatmate came home and asked me what the fuck I was wearing. :sunglasses:


Being in a pub on a Saturday night in bibs,not so nice.




My post-ride cool down in Mallorca will begin with me downing a beer and jumping in the pool in my bib-shorts.


I don’t remember T’Pau’s wrestling phase.




that’s really something


The possibilities are endless with bibs as a wrestling outfit though


Big Show,… BIG SHOW!


How do you guys watch the Tour Down Under? A mate back home says there’s no real information right now. Is there a stream you normally use?