Cycling Thread 2.0



FUCK thought you were going to ask some advice about what bike to buy there

got all excited



We’ve got a specific thread for this mate

Eurosport normally, or highlights on or cyclinghub


Wife has a bike. I’d probably just buy the same one as it’s a man’s.

Reid is the make apparently. It’s got three gears in the hub of the back wheel.


I’d share this with your mate though. No live stuff on TV this year. Seem to remember that Sky have the rights to a few races and they choose not to show them, or even highlights




This is slightly terrifying.


Having ridden last this junction on a few occasions, I definitely understand this article. The actual idea of what he is talking about is pretty scary though


I mean obviously you’d hope most drivers would slow down (thus not being constant) but the fact that junction has had so many accidents and fatalities :confused:

Think we cycled through it when we went to the New Forest a few months back.


Hope being the word here


I think I overtook Iwan Thomas going for a run when I cycled through Victoria Park this morning.

I probably should have started a ‘guess who’ thread for this.


Subthread: Could you beat a prime Iwan Thomas over 400m, you on a bike and him running, both from a standing start?


Reckon I’d nick it in the last 50m or so




Yeah pretty much this. He’d blitz the start leaving a lot of catching up to do over the final 300m, but reckon I’d just nab it.


On a flat 400m running track? He did a sub 45 second pb for 400m. I think I could beat that, yeah, after a slower start.

Maybe not if I got drawn in lane 1 though.




Really enjoying the fact it’s not pitch black when I leave work to cycle to the train station.

Really not enjoying the fact it’s pitch black when I get off the train half an hour later.


been cycling home from work in total darkness since the clocks went back, and from last week in the mornings lights have been needed too :confused:

that said, do enjoy a couple of hours cycling along unlit lanes. feels like a video game if you have a good enough light.

march can’t come quickly enough though, imho


The big plus from my point of view of the clocks going forward is that Victoria Park will be open in the evenings, rather than having to cycle along the ‘quietway’ of Old Ford Road.


You’re cycling to work along a shared footpath and you’re about to overtake a slower cyclist whose bicycle is making very loud noises. As you pass them you notice they have a puncture and that their rear bag thing is rubbing on a tyre, so they should probably stop and deal with these things. However they do not look equipped to deal with either of them*. Do you

  • just cycle past without saying anything
  • alert them to the puncture and cycle off
  • alert them to the problems with their bike and offer to help

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*I realise this is super presumptive of me