Cycling Thread 2.0



would offer to help while praying they don’t accept


Or I’d offer to help but with the caveat that I’m probably not going to be much use.


sort of depends what kind of bike they’re riding too, if it’s more expensive than mine they can go and fuck themselves


Nah it was a cheap hybrid or MTB.

I could also see their arse crack if that makes any difference?


was it a nice arse?


Not from what I could see.


cunt’s fixing his own puncture then, unlucky pal


Love that this is your barometer for helping



I reckon I cycle past someone riding obliviously with a puncture once a week. I never ever say anything. However if someone has stopped to try and fix something I always ask if they need help. It’s because in the first instance I might be of help, but in the second, I won’t be, isn’t it. I am awful.


why does them moving have any bearing on your ability to help them?


Reckon if you had the right tools / can fix it you’d stop right away and sort it out.


Have we reached peak audax?
well a few DiSers certainly will have after this 200kms of fun in the winter sun!
the current team is myself @svenrokk @TontonZolaMoukoko @plasticniki @plasticmike
Any surrounding area DiS cyclists (@deadonthestairs @Matt_was_taken @others) wanna get involved?


Can’t believe we’re coming up for this tbqh, what the fuck have we become


Audax pricks



there’s got to be something better than that




Not sure if I’ve 200km in me tbh… what sort of pace do you cycle at?

I did about 120km at 20kph over Christmas… although I was by myself and not exactly pushing myself… just sort of cycling comfortably :man_shrugging: :confused:


it’s pan flat, so shouldn’t be that bad. I have no idea what speed I’ll be cycling at because I’ve not ridden much over winter, have never done a 200km, and never ride on anything that flat. But between @TontonZolaMoukoko and the rest of us I’m sure you’ll find a comfortable pace. Plus you get the sweet, sweet drafting


Flat’s weird. No downhills means you’re constantly putting in effort. Saying that, you’ll go faster than normal. My first 200 was only 700m of up (lol):

That was a very hot day. More recently hillier winter 200s of mine have averaged 23-24km/h. I am not a very good cyclist either so :neutral_face:

Really: eat enough and you’ll be fine though.


This is still making me laugh