Cycling Thread 2.0



we’re all booked up for this now

staying in Stockport Travelodge on 27th / 28th January (anyone needs to leave bags or anything in our room plz feel free)

well excited, hope it ain’t icy


@incandenza do you cycle? If not you wanna meet us for a post-ride drink?


I have a bike, but the wheels aren’t attached. and it’s a mountain bike.

buuuut YES M8. couple of nice pubs in Stockport, according to @bugduv. The Magnet is one, can’t remember the others…


I’m up for some of this. Worried I’ll get bored cycling for that long idk. Might do it fixed if it’s that flat.


Think I want to get a proper touring bike and do some proper cycle touring, take a year off work and just cycle around a bit. Still planning on that Athens trip but will be able to do that on a road bike.

What touring bikes are nice? I quite like these ones:


That Genesis is :ok_hand:


The bike you’d turn to if you were to quit your job and embark on an impromptu pedal-powered world tour!

Sounds like you and the bike are made for each other!


that trek is the model above mine so will be bob on :+1:

my mate has a Croix de fer and loves the shit out of it.

Id say you couldn’t go wrong with either tbh.


I know people that have done various long distance tours on Surly bikes. So I’d have a look at them. And the Croix De Fer and Tour de Fer are great looking bikes that stand up to some serious riding.


Going to splash some cash in Rapha’s sale today.


Oh, what have you got? 520?


yeah but that really is a step above. different frame material, groupset etc. think even the trhough axles have been changed now to whatever is in fashion


Cool. What size did you go for, 61cm?


that’s right yeah :slight_smile:




8,415 posts behind, but as a heads up, I may go on a bicycle ride tomorrow.


You’ll be more of a bike wanker than I’ve been over the past 5 months then


the other I was looking at was the cinelli hobootleg (i remember surly seemed too expensive for me, might be different for you)


See lots of Ridgebacks around. Might be a bit of snobbery around them though


Yeah, I was looking at them last night. Can’t decide if I think they’re ugly or beautiful. Quite like the three-coloured cabling but the bar tape is horrendous

There are probably more important things to consider though!