Cycling Thread 2.0



Oh yeah, definitely. Feels a bit surreal. I might have felt better if I was in better health – this fucking throat infection! Think I might have fucked myself there – didn’t take all the drugs I was meant to yesterday (because they need to be taken on an empty stomach and it seemed like too much logistical effort on the bike) and today I can feel it hurting again. Fuck.


Nothing big coming up this weekend tho surely, so you can rest up and take the drugs ready for LBL.

Been thinking about my 300km ride in the middle of the 5 peaks ride I did. How on earth we climbed Ben Nevis and got back down about 1am, then woke up at 4am rode 300km across 2/3rds of Scotland, then did 240km punctuated by climbing another mountain the following day is beyond me.

Doing 300km is an achievement in itself, but what we did was insane.


did you have any significant aches or pains on the bike? you must have been very mentally strong.

problem is, when you’re slow like me, that 300km can take an extra few hours compared to when you did yours :confused:

my first 200s were really flat and were only like 7-8 hours on the bike, which might have been why i found them so easy compared to the 9/10/11+ hour days i’m doing now


No, but I had that Time for 6 years at that point and the position was dialled. Had a slight shoulder niggle from straining my neck , but a physio sorted that on day 2.

Was just knackered all the time. It took about 3 weeks to get over that.

You’ll get quicker, but remember we were in a group of 15 and had a support truck


Doing less kms than that during bordeax to sanny seb and that’s over 4 days!


yeah. it was weird, on the way back into London the pains kind of… numbed a bit? from about 200-250km my hands were quite painful and i found it really hard to grip the hoods but then it all felt a bit better once i’d had a break before the last push. and yeah, tiredness is the killer. felt fine on the bike but a 4am start, back at 11pm and then bed after midnight and back up at 6.30 is awful. i have felt better.

@Jeremys_Iron you’re not a silly person though

oh and btw i can do casquette lunch 2moro?


YES! Thanks m9! Let me know what time you wanna meat and I’ll head over to Moorgate.


I can do 12.30 or 1pm or something?


1pm works for me Clive.


Have you experienced these pains before?

And @Jeremys_Iron you are a silly person



i didn’t have ANY pain like this on the first 200s i did. (maybe i did but i can’t remember?)

then my shifters got nicked and the last 200s i did last year were okay… slight aches but nothing major that i can remember. then this year bad pains (mainly the bottom of my shins and numb hands) before i swapped my stem. now those issues are gone but i just feel it can be improved. it’s nothing bad per se - palms of hands are sore, my ankles are a bit clicky (dunno wtf that is) and my right leg feels sore. everything else feels fine. it is mainly my hands on the bike which i want to rectify.


It’s it like pins and needles? Used to get this quite a lot, never found a solution to it though. Normally caused by ‘road buzz’ through the fork. It gets better over time.


nope, just “sore”. like, tender.

i’ve been wanting to get a bike fit for a while anyway, this seems like the perfect excuse tbh


Like the palms are bruised?


yes! but they aren’t. hurts a bit when i press on them today, and they look slightly red.


There’ll be articles on how to combat that, but it possibly shows that you might be putting the weight through the wrong put of your palm. Reckon a bike fit will sort it.


aye. it’s clearly something like bars aren’t rotated properly / saddle’s a bit high or not forward enough / something else but i’m kind of fed up of trying to diagnose bike issues myself :smiley:


That’s what we pay somebody else to deal with.


£80 is too much for two tyres isn’t it?


it’s bike stuff: everything’s expensive

what r u goin 4?