Cycling Thread 2.0



Depends. If they’re the wiggle cheap jobbies, yeah




Haha @Epimer is in the cycling thread


POSSIBLY schwalbe one gravel things (they’ve got really fucking complicated names)

for my singlespeed. really want to try out some tubeless but they’re £££


I thought about getting a new bike for spring but then realised it’s probably cycling I don’t like rather than my Halfords bike-shaped object.

Ok bye.


See you Saturday. We can chat at length about cycling if you wish


I’ll ride my bike to the pub and you can give it a once over for me. Cool? Cool.


Yeah I’ll kick the wheels in for you


nah that’s fine then innit


It turns out that I’m a secret bike wanker. I’ve just finished my first bike build. Is it acceptable to show off about it in here?


more than acceptable!

one of us!
one of us!
one of us!


fucking hell don’t leave us hanging


Here goes then…

I recently inherited a brand new Tomac frame and Ultegra groupset. My dad had bought them but never got the chance to build it up. I’ve bought the remaining components, attended a bike build course, and finished what my dad never got around to. Here she is:

I appreciate that the colour scheme is a bit ‘Captain America’ but I love it.


wowzers. i love the blue of that fork :heart_eyes:

nice work!


OOOOF that’s a bike and a half. Tell me more about those wheels.


what size frame is that?


These are the wheels:


i like the matched handlebar tape to the front of the frame :slight_smile:
you need some matching bidons now

and to get rid of that top tube bag :wink:




Proper sized bike! Nice build. That’s an outlandish colour scheme!

Does this call for a show off yr push bike subthread?