Cycling Thread 2.0



am i going to have to clean my bike? :disappointed:






“Lucy the Lynskey”

Lynskey R360 titanium frame
Lynskey Pro Carbon Fork (tapered)
Fulcrum racing 3 wheels
Shimano Ultegra groupset

possibly ITM carbon seat post
Fizik R5 saddle
Manky old Easton EA bars and stem

Tentatively for sale at the right price


ignore him, he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.


That is stunning. Do not sell it.


was trying to work out what you had draped over the handlebars


Let me know when it’s the show off your pish bike subthread :disappointed:


I’ve not ridden it in so so long and it’s sat there doing fuck all. Hence tentatively

Aye, it is a lovely bike thank you


thatched hoods, innit


A birdhouse with a heron sat on it.


This reminds me I only have shit pictures of mine mid-ride in its current setup


solidarity, brother!


so bloody aero


Miss this one a lot tbf. Perfect bike.

Timmy the Time

Time Edge Racer carbon frame, with fluid ride forks
Campag chorus group with FSA SLK carbon chainset
Fulcrum 5 wheels (used to be Campag Neutrons before the front hub smashed)
Fizik Arione saddle
Same bars, stem and seat post as above.


B’Twin Ultra 7 AF frame and fork
Stock seatpost and stem, FSA Omega Compact bars
105 group
All-important Charge Spoon <3
Shimano M520 pedals
Fizik tape
Have replaced the stock wheels with Hunt 4Season Aero with Vittoria Rubino Pro G+ tyres

Mack Workshop tool roll / Wahoo ELEMNT Bolt mount / Exposure Tracer rear light / Moon Meteor Storm front light / various other bags depending on ride length / Raceblade Pro XLs in winter / RIP matching Rapha bidons


Still can’t believe I left one of my perfect bidons in a cafe, so irked


have you phoned the cafe


No, it’s miles away and it’s only a bidon isn’t it, plus they’re really manky and I probably need to stop using them.


i mean you could probably clean them