Cycling Thread 2.0



Yeah, the top tube bag is serving no actual purpose - other than to disguise the height of the stem riser, which otherwise looks a bit silly (blasted bike fit).


Bob Jackson World Tour (ha!)
Campag Veloce
Brooks saddle
Condor cockpit
Have added lovely metal mudguards since


mum’s spaghetti


Booked a bike fit for Friday morning, yay! That means I have the weekend and next week to get used to it before LBL.

Wrote a little thing about the 300km ride here:


Good read that.


Danke Rich.

I do not like the new way it just says how many likes a post has on here, WHERE HAVE THE WORDS GONE


Shit innit


Re: Mike’s puncture - you didn’t stop and wait for him? :rofl::+1:




He was like “oh I’m just going to the loo, I’ll catch up” and it turns out he was LYING


Good stuff - I recognise the vicarage control!


it was quite funny, i was assuming it was going to be an actual vicarage :joy:


@plasticniki - forgot to ask, do these casquettes need washing? Don’t wanna get nits or owt :wink:


It was the garden of an actual vicarage though?



Nope - they’re clean.


Was it???

It just looked like a regular house to me but then again what do I know?


A vicarage is a regular house that a vicar lives in.


for fucks sake


114 or 118 link 11 speed chain? no, i haven’t removed the old one yet. with 50/32 as the biggest thing it needs to go around, will 114 be enough? :thinking:


i imagine so. esp sine your bike is small so the chainstays will be shorter.

though now i’ve said that, it’ll defo be wrong. if it’s the same price just get the big one.