Cycling Thread 2.0



it’s a few quid extra (£17.99 vs £20.99)

i need to spend £20 anyway to get free postage so i guess i may as well


Hello there bike w- friends!

Might be going on a long-ish cycle this weekend for the first time and was thinking of getting some padded shorts - any of these you’d recommend (or any others that are cheap and on prime)? Want to order in the next couple of hours to get them by tomorrow


do you live near decathlon? id go there instead, you can get stuff mad cheap.

I’d also try and persuade you to get some with shoulder straps (bibs) they look dorky but will stop your arse hanging out the back


This is all exactly what I was gonna say.

Something like this will actually be decent @cutthelights:


and @japes

don’t really live near decathlon but there’s one about a half hour train away, might make the trip out

cheers for the tip on getting a bib - should have known yous would steer me towards something super geeky :wink:


i’ve got two pairs of the decathers’ 500 bibs, and have worn them on a a couple of rides of ~4 hours (as well as loads of 2-3 hour rides) and they’ve been absolutely fine.

definitely worth getting bibs as opposed to waist shorts as well.

i find that their sizing is sometimes a bit wayward, so worth trying on if you’re able to as well!


if you really cba, in my earlier cycling days i got a pair of tenn bibs off amazon

something like this

they were okay for short commutes but decathers will be much much better


You can order online from decathers. Also the house brand Dhb are very good value for money. Definitely get bibs not shorts


cheers, think I might make the trip, can pick up some running stuff too :slight_smile:


I know but I’m cycling on Saturday :sweat_smile:


my dhb tights/thermal jerseys have been great during these many, many winters. big fan of their stuff.


oooh i might clean my commuter tonight.


it’s so dirty.


Never heard it called…



i might even put a new chain on


@plasticniki @japes

One for you guys. Looks sweet af tbf


needs some drops


Any of the Scottish bike wankers familiar with routes near Dunbar? Gonna be there this weekend so need to plot a couple of routes.


Had a bike fit this morning - great stuff.

Also took my mudguards off. Too early??


depends… im gonna leave mine on cos I don’t see it being sunny between now when its wet and tomorrow… when miht have stopped raining but theres still loads of shit on the road.
from Monday though :sun_with_face:


don’t you always need them on for audax?