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Nah. Not all events have a mandatory mudguard rule - in fact my next one, LWL, doesn’t. Obvs if it’s raining I’ll put them back on.


@thewarn fortune


Did the bike fit generate many changes to your set up?


Longer stem
Changed the position of my cleats to accommodate my weird twisting right side
Saddle forward and down
Bars rotated slightly

All quite small things but when you add it all up it made it feel much better :ok_hand:


A bike fit is a brilliant thing. Definitely something I’d recommend for anyone who isn’t just pootling to work and back. I’ve always liked a long reach, but used to get crazy hip rotation. Amazing how just half a centimetre here and there can improve things a thousandfold. More power, less injury.


Yeah, it was the same with my bike fit - a few seemingly minor changes (slightly wider bars, longer stem) but a very noticeable difference on the road.





oo er


How much did it cost if I can ask?

I’m guessing if they say you need different bars saddle stem etc etc, then you stump up for those too? Bet they magically have all the right ones in stock too, despite most lbs stocking the square root of naff all most of the time :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Nb not actually saying its a con, think I’m just jealous really


Going for a bike ride tomorrow


£85. Meant to be £100 but 15% club discount. This wasn’t one of those video / laser analysis fits though but it was half the price. Started off by having a flexibility test and doing a few stretches where I was advised that I’m quite inflexible and a bit unstable on my feet. The guy said that because of that I’d probably benefit from insoles but they’re expensive and so no thanks.

Then had a cleat assessment and my cleats were moved. Then on the bike and all the malarkey. Only needed a new stem, but he gave me a second hand one from his parts box, it’s a pretty decent 3t one and he said if I wanna keep it to whack him a tenner in a couple of months (!).

He also said that if I get any niggles I can come back and have a refit for free.

I didn’t feel like I was being sold anything but I expect with other bike fits you might. Mike had one a few years ago where they were pushy about insoles n that.


I text’d my bf yesterday and “Lotto Soudal” somehow autocorrected to “Lovely Soufflé” so i think we should all call them that now.


With Dr Gendt as their most attacking rider


Roads were full of absolute cunts today. Loads of close passes, getting beeped at, overtaking into blind corners etc. Then a pedestrian stepped into the cycle lane and clipped me when I got back into the city. Never had a ride that bad for it.


I was going passed a car that had stopped at a set of lights and their dog nearly jumped out of the car window barking at me… proper shat me sen :joy:


just seen this tasty little number. i’m due an upgrade, right?

that stem, though :grimacing:


sick fadez


look at the weather for LBL



Still contemplating the short route due to my throat.


What are the bailout options on the long route. And would you kick yourself for not giving it a go?