Cycling Thread 2.0



I’m not signed up for the long, I’m on the medium (154km / 2700m). The problem with the short is that it’s not going to be a challenge: 75km and 1200m, but if I still have a throat infection I might have to take it :frowning:

Think the bail-out options are plentiful. Annoyingly they’ve not posted the bloody routes up on the website yet.


50 out of 5000 registered riders are PENGE btw


Go for the medium imo. You’ve definitely got the legs for it and if you do feel shit you can hop on a train or w/e (obviously there’s no obligation to take advice from the person who flaked out of col de soller with a similar throat issue)


I think it being a proper full-on sportive means they’ll be some kind of van sitch in the event of me bailing. Which ain’t gonna happen, I’m pretty sure of it, but I don’t want to put myself in a situation which makes me feel ill as fuck and ruins other cycling plans later in the year.

This is roughly the route but I with rwgps has slightly underestimated the climbing:

I’ve ridden some of that before :slight_smile:


Also, think I might have mentioned this elsewhere but there’s gonna be a prize for the most “Penge’d up” person on the ride. ie if you’re wearing MAXIMUM Penge you’ll win. Mike and I don’t own Penge shorts so probably aren’t in the running for this prize, but if anyone has any crazy ideas for how we can make ourselves MORE Penge then tell me. Yes, comedy answers are appreciated.

I might get these:

Already got an Italian flag ass saver.


Temporary tattoos on your cheeks


permanent tattoos on yr knuckles


Inside your bottom lip

  • Have an additional finger grafted on to your hand, so that you have enough knuckles.




this has fully done me


I managed to drag a puncture repair out to four hours yesterday. Not a clue how anyone does that by the side of the road.

[i’ll get my coat]



What happened? Trouble getting the tyre off / on?

Longest it’s taken me is an hour, becuase I couldn’t get the tyre back on. Still have trouble doing it now because I have weak hands. Keep meaning to buy one of these:


don’t really get how that’s different to a tyre lever


Me neither but I know someone who has one and swears by it. Think it’s the re-installing tyre bit? I’ve never used a lever to re-install one.


don’t you use a lever to get the last little bit?


Nope, never been able to do it :frowning:


Well I was being partially disingenuous, as it wasn’t four hours solid, I just kept getting distracted, and cooked a roast dinner at the same time, but I kept forgetting all the bits that make it easy - couldn’t remember if you do it with the inner tube fully inflated, lost my chalk, couldn’t remember how the patches actually work etc etc.

Was a pretty pathetic display.



My preferred method is it just to replace the tube. I will patch up old tubes in a big bunch with these rather than glued patches, because they’re shit and fiddly:



i find these absolute wank, can never get them to stick :frowning: