Cycling Thread 2.0



Whaaat, they’re GREAT. I do find that you have to hold it down for a minute or so to set, but never had any issues with them.


haha, maybe i just got a bad batch or something.

tbf it could well be me - i am hopelessly shit at basically all maintenance jobs on account of having APPALLING hand-eye coordination and basically no fine motor skills whatsoever.


Going to buy some of these now. Thanks!

(some chance I got a bit of glue in the roast, but my family seemed fine this morning, so fingers crossed)


I guess the glue on them might die after a while if you don’t use them…? Idk.

There’s so much chat at the moment about how many inner tubes people are taking on LBL. I only ever take ONE with me, plus a patch kit. Even on that 300. Loads of people are thinking of taking three. THREE INNER TUBES. Christ.


i’m quite bad at remembering to remove my bidon before spraying gt85 everywhere, and then drinking from the bottle, so i’ve probably ingested quite a bit of that and i’m basically fine.


put the patch on with the tube flat


Really? I did the opposite!

Suspect tonight’s ride might be curtailed…


Actually there’s surely a poll in this.

How many inner tubes you carrying on rides, mates?

  • Zero (very risky)
  • One
  • Two
  • Three+ (silly choice)

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currently one. usually two because anxiety.

(even though - touch wood - i have only had one puncture on these tyres and that was a pinch flat i got because i stupidly went out on under-inflated tyres and hit a bastard pot hole)


One, but will stick a second in there for DunRun


depends on the size of the hole i guess, i usually put it on partially inflated anyway :man_shrugging:

but apparently if you put it on with the tube inflated then air coming out the puncture will fuck the glue / connection


need two for long rides so just leave two in my bag the whole time


I might take a second on LWL.


Bonus poll.

You carrying a spare link for yr chain?

  • Absolutely
  • U wot m7?

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I hedged my bets with a semi-inflate, then the patch kept puckering so I pumped that bad boy right up, wazzed a load more glue on, let it dry a bit, then deflated and put the bike back together.

Suspect I wont be in the support team at Le Tour this year.


why not? assuming two tubes fit in your bag. it’s not like the weight of a tube is making any difference to anything


i think you should carry about 20, all worn like sashes.


shhh here’s a little secret: my tool roll will only fit one inner.


snap chains so often i need them

(maybe once every 6 months on average?)

need a multi-tool that has a chain breaker too, which is annoying since they’re all fuckin massive


alright, mr megawatts