Cycling Thread 2.0



I am not surprised given how much fucking power you chuck out.





i should probably ride my bike.


I have quite a smallish one:

Have yet to use the chain splitter on it but it will make it’s debut tonight!


Multitool, 2 tubes, levers in the saddlebag, pump in my Jersey pocket


that looks quite tidy actually. does it do 11sp chains, aye?

like the look of this style



fucking BETTER

(yeah it does)

the mechanism gets quite loose but apart from that it’s great,. the quality of whatever topeak one i had previously was much better but it was very heavy.


Multitool, 2 tubes (thrown away once punctured, absolutely fuck patching a tube), 3 x metal tyre levers. Think that’s it.

Never snapped a chain on a road bike, so never needed a linky, do have an 11spd power link for a KMC chain.

Flash Bastard

You terrible, terrible man.


tell you what you never really appreciate a good tyre lever until you use a really shit one


Agreed. Obviously nonsense for dorks


Joni Mitchell’s first draft needed work


Snapped so many plastic ones. Nabbed a bunch of my dad’s old metal levers and never looked back. GBOLs

@plasticniki, literally could not care at all. Patching tubes is a shit job, and if you puncture infrequently, you may as way just lob them. They cost fuck all anyway.


I have this because I’m a tyre wimp, I like it


£6.50 for a trye lever???


shove it all up yr bum


My email says I paid 5 euros 50, seems alright 🤷


Whatever man.


do pricks (you lot) with carbon frames bother with torque wrenches? or do you just guess?


sorry I don’t have a carbon frame