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Yes, I did, and still do for carbon parts. Torque keys are a cheaper bet. Preset, usually to 5nm and gives you a signal when you’ve reached that limit.


is 5nm the most typically-needed one then?


Yeah. You’ll only need bigger torque for things like BBs. Seat post clamps, stem bolts ect are all 5nm. Some torque keys come with changeable heads for different fittings, some only have a fixed Allen head. Try and get one with changeable fittings if possible




No probs. I’ve a Bontrager one and it works fine.


answered one but that’s not actually true

On my MTB I only take one out - I use tubeless and for ages took two due to paranoia of a cataclysmic double tubeless failure. When this never happened after a couple of years I started only carrying one.

On the road bike I’m tubeless again - and carry 2 cos again I’m worried about a cataclysmic double failure, Still not happened so I expect I’ll switch to just one soon enough


I always have a couple of quick links and a few links of spare chain

I have given them away (and installed them) more than once to poorly prepared people with busted chains stranded on the side of the road/ trail


I have this one|sCahoycOb_dc|mcrid|67090793342|mkw||mmt||mrd|5360153892uk|mslid||&mkwid=sCahoycOb_dc&pcrid=67090793342&prd=5360153892uk&pgrid=17507339942&ptaid=aud-131695477502:pla-296624071193

it;s wide but actually pretty flat and easy to fit in a saddle bag or pocket. Plus I’m always finding new uses for it. Multiple sized spoke key bits! The other day I discovered it has a valve removal tool!


I don’t understand why more than one lever is needed.

I always manage with just the one



yeah, definitely get one if you’ve got carbon bits. (think they’re a good idea generally anyway)

plus i’d get an actual adjustable one rather than a torque key, you’re bound to have a bit on the bike that’s not the same torque as everything else. it’s not like they’re mental expensive.


that’s the one i used to have. liked it, but it exploded.


did the bolt come lose? - there is a certain irony in having to find an allen key to tighten up your allen keys

Had the same issue when I bought some wire cutterr things - they tightly attached them to a piece of cardboard using cable ties. Needed some wire cutters to get them off


a bit of water must have got into my saddle bag and slightly rusted them. so they were jammed in the container, and i couldn’t get it out. eventually ripped it free but it exploded everywhere all over the roadside (in the dark) couldn’t find all the bits to put it back together again



Nah. If I’ve got a 5nm and I need a 10nm, I’ll just do two lots with the 5nm.


Has anyone off here been to see LBL then? Where’s best around Liege to base yrself on raceday? We’ve been advised near the Côte de Saint-Nicolas or at the end in Ans.

Coach back on Sunday evening is going to be interesting.

Actually might be one for the pro thread.

Pro Cycling Thread 2018 - The Classics are here

i’d probably just have texted rich directly tbh! :stuck_out_tongue:


I think he hates me now because I told him to shove something up his bum :frowning:




Serious answer, Ans is a shithole. But it’s close to Liege. Ride out to the Cote de Saint Nicolas or one of the other climbs about 20km from the finish. You’ll probably see a selection move go there.


Most bolts, apart from BB, are 5nm, even chainring bolts. An adjustable decent torque wrench is pretty expensive, so unless sexybum is stripping his bike back every weekend, a torque key is enough.