Cycling Thread 2.0



Think we’ll have to walk as our bikes are getting loaded in the trailer in the morning, but it’s less than an hour to Cote de Saint Nic. Bar crawl or something.


Do what the locals do, find a cafe, sit in there for 3hrs, watch the race go past, jump back in the café for the finish.

LBL is a horribly conservative race and possibly one of the only races in the season I’d not mind missing.


my brake calipers, rotors, seatpost, stem and wheel axles are all different


Aye they will, but 5nm will do all of them fine




You’re a :frog:


And serves you right for having disc brakes




was gonna go for a ride tonight because i didn’t ride this weekend and i want to test me new posish before lbl

but my new chain arrived so i really should put that on beforehand

so maybe i’ll go out tomorrow



yes i have a torque wrench, think it’s bbb. was expensive (NO WAY!!) so i use it for everything.

although i also have a set of the long hex keys with a handle and use them too.

and sometimes when i’m really lazy i just use multitool.

i have way too many superfluous tools.


All about the long Park Tool Allen keys


Had a lovely ride round some footpaths and parks with the local scouts group doing some Ride Leader coaching and proficiency stuff and now I feel all great about myself. Also got a piece of paper from the police to say I’m officially not a paedo, so that’s nice.


Ummm glad to know i’m not the only one


the old girl scrubs up ok, really


Two can play that game sonnyjim! :laughing:


shakes fist


i love you guys


We’re all pretty PENGE here eh?

~big smooches all round~ :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Think mine are x tools, no doubt 3rd of the price of park but I still always wish I’d splashed out for the blue tools when I’m staring at all the things in the tool box that I never use.

Ooooh yeah I bought the park tool rear hanger alignment tool though, that is mega overpriced, I love it.


I remember a mate of mine getting his tool boxes out of his van once, and everything was Park. Tbf the guy is fucking minted, but still.